Nightpeople Prepmania

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Nightpeople Prepmania

Post by lucky » Thu Aug 09, 2007 2:04 pm


So, the Kitchen's pretty hectic these days. We're spending so much time making orders, tilling, doing drinks and washing dishes there's very little time left for doing prep. We're getting through it, but it takes a huge extra effort in an already extra efforted kitchen.

It's amazing if you can check there's soup/curry/chilli defrosted in the fridges. If not, could you please lift one out of the freezer for the morning. Or two. Easily getting through two at the moment.

So, if you're on nights and you're feeling bored there's always stuff to do. Like...

1)Salsa - we're getting through this like crazy at the moment. Tubs and tubs each day. If there are ingredients make a few tubs. You can make it using the magimix easily (see KM tips post in this Forum).

2)Green Salad/Salad Beginnings - We're easily getting thorugh 3-5 tubs of Green Salad a day. It's useful even to have Salad Beginnings, chopped up cucumber/tomato/red onion/grated carrot and stuff we can just throw some lettuce leaves in as needed.

3)Fancy Salads - We're getting through about 2 tubs of fancy salad a day now.
It's always useful to have at least 3 tubs available at any point - 2 being used upstairs and one ready downstairs for when we run out. Be fancy, but be quick. You can bulk up Fancy Salads beautifully by using cold ingredients - tins of stuff, nuts, raisins, seeds etc. Roasted things are lovely, but don't get obsessed. It takes time and space.

Quinoa is an amazing base. Fill the rice cooker half full of quinoa and 3/4 full of water. Let it cook, check it to see if it's ready and add water/cook for longer if you think it needs it. Yummy protein bulk at it's best.

4)Burritos - Ever popular. ALWAYS USEFUL to have a bowl of burrito mix made and ready for emergencies. Do a full rice cooker full of rice, add a large can of kidney beans and enough salsa to make it moist and tasty. Then we can grab it, whack in some refried beans and wrap it. Easy.

5)Hummus - I reckon we're getting through about 2 tubs a day. Remember, you can never overuse garlic and can never overblend.

6)Lazy Garlic - Easy effortless and important job. Peel and chop loads of garlic, top with oil and a bit of salt. This means we can grab it and use it when we need to quickly, rather than spending the ages peeling the stuff while the queue's massive and everything's on fire. Nice straight on toast!

7)Grated carrot - We have nice, dirty carrot now. If you can scrub and grate carrot for the next day if I am on, I will use them to make the most amazing sandwiches you will ever taste in your life. True. And, it's useful for green/fancy salads.

8)Curry/Soup - Always needed in stock - make sure other stuff's sufficient first. Make LOADS at once. Freeze most, pop some in the fridge if there aren't any defrosted.

Bear in mind, this is if you're feeling bored and everything else is under control. We will love you for it, but don't stress out. You're already being amazing just by being there for us all.


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Post by Newington Bandit » Thu Aug 09, 2007 5:40 pm

swithun and I were thinking about grabbing a whole lot of garlic to do some lazy garlic off site (i.e at home) would that be OK?

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