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Post by lucky » Thu Dec 06, 2007 1:48 pm

So, for a while we've been speaking about redesigning the kitchen. The main concept is to have more volunteers in the morning to make more cooked from fresh food, so we can serve it off hot plates for the rest of the day.

We would maybe have a tower fridge to keep the stuff we currently keep in the display fridge still.

It's a good opportunity to refine what the purpose of the the kitchen is, or even to aim better towards some of our objectives. So far I see this as
  • Using more locally produced, organic stuff

    Creating more healthy food.
    (If we can get rid of the microwaves, oh, I would be SO HAPPY!!!)

    Bringing our prices down a bit more

    Easing the strain on the Kitchen during lunch rush.
    Dolloping things rather than cooking...I mean, order would be way quicker.

    Helping people to learn how to COOK properly. This may seem a bit of a lame point, but I'm constantly amazed how little people know about cooking.
So, that's a couple of points. There's probably loads more.



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