Balkanarama email for the forest speaks

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Balkanarama email for the forest speaks

Post by natt » Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:55 am

Hello! Saska was a bit upset yesterday that her balkanarama poster was taken down (though its good that our zero tolerance poster policy is working!). Im not as yet on TheforestSpeaks but could someone who is kindly email this advert out on it? I think itd be a good way of placating Saska, especially as she'd helping with the fundraiser. could you let me know if thats possible? Thanks!

Darling people!

THE DESTROYERS are coming into town and this calls for......well....... another BALKANARAMA!!!!!!!!

THE DESTROYERS (oh so electrifying 15-piece(!) band creating a Balkan-inspired swirling spectacle of sensation and sound!!!) are in Edinburgh on the Saturday 18th of April - for one night only! - as a part of their Scottish Tour (get more info on

Of course, that is not all... We also have TRI TACHKE - sevdah band from Zemlya Nedojya (go ahead, find that on a map!)
spinning electro Balkan beats: a very special lady - DJ Grandma Staflaš (pictured on the flyer :-)
early live jam session (upstairs), Balkan films and visuals, exquisite gypsy belly dancing by our Balkan beauty - Constantina (and her mysterious special guest! hmmmmm...), free rakija (freshly smuggled from Croatia by Mungbean!! :-), and much much more...

Hope to see you all there!


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Re: Balkanarama email for the forest speaks

Post by amelia » Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:43 am

Dobro, ja sam magyaritza! Hrana, voda, lyubuv i muzika! :D

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