Darkroom procedure

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Darkroom procedure

Post by brittonie » Mon Nov 15, 2010 11:59 am

Hey there,

We've got a new system for darkroom usage.
I've typed up most of it and put it in a folder in the drawer.

From what i can tell, it's pretty similar to the Cave system

People who've paid for the Intro to Black and White class will get one free work slot per week, but this hasn't been established yet. And we're going to have everyone pick their time, and have it be in stone in an attempt to streamline things. Once this happens, i'll type up a calendar with everyone's times and add that to the folder. Otherwise they should be paying for the space/time. People really shouldn't bring guests in who haven't been inducted into the darkroom... i don't know if that's possible to maintain, but i'd like to try.


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