Open tasks on the website

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Open tasks on the website

Post by pogo » Sun Dec 03, 2006 8:03 am

Art Gallery - TK Submissions: Events Submissions: Interior Pages Formatting:
  • Format the interior pages of the site to look nice by using bold, italic, quotes, underlines, hyperlinks, colour, font changes - just like using WORD
  • take photos of events and stuff going on at the Forest. then drop them off on the Office computer downstairs or on CD in me mailbox or upload them to the site - but the important thing is taking the photos - we can do the rest if you like
If you've written an email or used WORD or this BB -that's all the experience you need to do this stuff.


if you are interested in working on the ?

we need people to help install Mods and Addons to the code. because the phpBB application is a bit touchy, these additions require someone with strong PHP and MYSQL knowledge to make sure that it is working smoothly with our current version (which is the latest install of phpBB)

mods we are interested in are:
calendar for Cave bookings:




and any other hacks that would make the BB more useful to its users.
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I'm up for doing events submission and interior page design

Post by danny » Mon Dec 04, 2006 8:10 pm

I'm up for doing events submission and interior page design. Want to meet me Thursday at six? I want to catch the events workgroup at seven after, so we'll need to be on time if you want to meet then..

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