repeating events

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repeating events

Post by martinmckenna » Sun Oct 18, 2009 11:33 am


it seems to me that the repeating events function is creating problems . I really think it should only be used for events that are trusted and who are able to control it . We are facing having web site full of out of date info possibly leading users to think other info on the web site is crap too . this is about trust . potentiality we have a fresh start and having a web site that is useful . but i feel this threated by this churning out of non existence events . as illusrtated here it pissed people off to come to event that is no more ! ... 104#p36104

i like the function, but it has to be used correctly rather than applied to everything . events peeps should learn how to post events . learn about some of functions and decide how to use them . if its automatic they wont put posts on it or learn how to use it or know how to fix it if it goes hairwire.

i tend to think if you cant be bothered to ask how or learn how .then your event is not no the web site .

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Re: repeating events

Post by milk » Sun Oct 18, 2009 9:20 pm

that post must relate to the Forest Programme - the repeating event on the website has the correct time of 9pm.

though there is a problem, yes. robin was ill last week and didn't run the workshop. i've been changing the details of Working Groups when they've been rescheduled so far, and in the last week i've shown a couple of people how to exclude an event occurrence from the calendar - i can't remember if i've shown all people who maintain event info the same - i'll probably make a quick 'can you do this?' tutorial at some point soon to help with that.

if its automatic they wont put posts on it or learn how to use it or know how to fix it if it goes hairwire.

i'm of the opinion that, if there wasn't a repeating event function, people would get bored of putting the same thing in over and over again and eventually give up. it's something to keep an eye on certainly, although i'm hoping myself, the event and workshop coordinators, and volunteers who are involved with temporarily rescheduling reoccurring events will keep on top of this for now.
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