event category block problem

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event category block problem

Post by milk » Wed Feb 17, 2010 6:17 pm

they're only showing items from this month so the View must be misconfigured.

it says the SQL query contains;
WHERE ((node.status <> 0) AND (node.type in ('event')) AND (term_node.tid = 7))
AND ((DATE_FORMAT(FROM_UNIXTIME(node_data_field_event_start.field_event_start_value), '%Y-%m-%d') >= '2010-02-17' AND DATE_FORMAT(FROM_UNIXTIME(node_data_field_event_start.field_event_start_value), '%Y-%m-%d') <= '2010-03-19') AND ((DATE_FORMAT(FROM_UNIXTIME(node_data_field_event_start.field_event_start_value), '%Y-%m') <= '2010-02' AND DATE_FORMAT(FROM_UNIXTIME(node_data_field_event_start.field_event_start_value2), '%Y-%m') >= '2010-02')))
which makes the problem obvious (highlights mine). why it's doing this, i can understand, but it means i'm not getting the Views interface.....

i'm gonna setup a test drupal server.. or read/watch more how-tos and the like.....
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