Calling all droopsters

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Calling all droopsters

Post by swithun » Tue May 18, 2010 5:06 pm

Do any of you Drupal droogs want to put your skillz to good use? Interesting that they've chosen Drupal over, say, Tumblr.

We are planning to employ a web development company to upgrade the Cloud
Appreciation Society website, and would much prefer to give the work to
people with an appreciation of the sky, rather than those who look to
their feet when they turn from the screen. If you, or someone you can
recommend, is an expert in developing websites using the 'Drupal'
website system, and would be interested to take the job on, we'd love to
hear from you. We plan to transfer the whole site to Drupal over the
next few months, with the aim of making it much more dynamic and greatly
increasing the degree to which our members can contribute and interact
with the content.

All sky-aware Drupal experts, please contact Sheena at: hello at cloud appreciation society dot org

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