Press website: ideas how to share fundraising info

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Press website: ideas how to share fundraising info

Post by _janenn » Wed Nov 17, 2010 4:05 pm

I'm new. I moved recently to Edinburgh and found with the forest cafe and a bit of wifi quickly a good start here.
For the fundraising I would like to get involved in the designing (maybe as well developing) of the press website.

One of the ideas at the save-the-forest meeting (14th Nov) was to provided a space to share fundraising relevant information. So people can upload content in different format (web site banner & text) and link their activities (twitter tweeds, facebook page & blogs) with

To get started I do have some question. How do people upload currently content and link their activity?
Who gets to see this content and has the right to approve it? I’m asking because I would like to some user testing (The video demo tells quiet a lot about user testing So around 5 – 6 user would submit some dummy content. Afterwards I would like to publish and discussed the findings here and design from this a first prototype (paper prototype for a mail client

Sure, some would say why not start with coding first when we have so less time to raise money?!
Because if we get make something that is easy to use from the start more people are encourage to contribute.

See you at the forest on Sunday 2pm.
X Jane

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