Volunteer Meeting Minutes for Tues 8th May 2007

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Volunteer Meeting Minutes for Tues 8th May 2007

Postby lucky » Tue May 08, 2007 9:20 pm

Present – Alex, Graeme, Marcus, Ras for a bit, Bill popped in at the end, guiltily Then he left again.

Repremand - NICK BEESON for being a wuss and not turning up.

Drag Party
Volunteer agreement
NM Agreement
Lucas, business
People who shouldn't be volunteering/barrings


1)Fancy Dress Drag Disco Ball – Postponed for a month, having nice eatering instead on Wed 16th May, same night as Ambient Folk night. Theme to be decided via forum which ALEX will post. Ras says to really push the advertisement – so all usual methods plus a whole load more! Tell people!

2)Volunteer Agreement – KMs to give them to people. Marcus says this is good to know, especially as a new volunteer. We've discussed changed to be made and stuff to added to the one done May 2006, currently in the cabinets in the Kitchen. KMs should give it to vollies who don't have it yet. ALEX is going to type it up and post it on the forum for people to dispute passionately. Then we'll print it out.

3) Night Manager Agreement – Shannon printed it off, it's in the safe upstairs for KMs to give to NMs. It's pretty good.

4)Tabletops – Marcus is suggesting it would be good to have a newsletter. Alex explained CIA nights. Kick CIA asses to see where they are and what they are doing. Marcus suggests having a triangular tabletop with different stuff on each side. Graeme says we should do loads of types. Alex has started working on a tabletop leaflet with a treasure chest theme. Greame suggests invisible ink and mirrored writing, and other such things. Any info needed should be on the Forest website – a plethera of information! Remind people of stuff like corkage, WGs, BB etc. ACTION POINT ALL – Anyone can do a tabletop. Let people know they can, what it's purpose is and just to do one. We can have as many as we like! Content should be relevant to the Forest. Or entertaining.

5)Lucas is giving us a 20min presentation from a professional business perspective, it seems. He wants to help us increase volunteering, how to improve stuff etc. It's at 4pm Thursday 10th May, and is for whoever wants to attend. GRAEME is going to tell people it's happening.

6)Publicity – When table tops get done, encourage people to take them places they go/are staying etc. Marcus says we should be on Myspace, Graeme is going to check if we have a myspace thing. Alex doesn't know much about Myspace. Graeme says put videos on YouTube, Alex thought project images on that tower in London wot Gail Porter was projected onto.

7)There unfortunately are people who shouldn't be in the Forest, we've asked them not to come in if they've been bad. No need for Vollies to be overloaded with this information, but trust in the KMs and NMs to know who they are. We will protect you.

8) GRAEME is kindly offering to regularly place Vollie meetings on the WG calander, keep it up to date. Yaaay!

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Postby swithun » Wed May 09, 2007 1:47 pm

Yes, we could do with a newsletter of some kind. With CIA Nights waiting until they have enough good stuff for issue 100, there is a big newsletter shaped vacuum in the Forest. Maybe the tabletop thing will take on a life of its own.

The Forest did have a myspace account, but we dropped it round about the time that Mad Murdock bought it and we realised that we could do the same thing on our own site. There was a good Exploading Car story about this. But the video thing sounds good. Does theforest.org.uk have the bandwidth for some mpegs?

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Postby Shannon » Wed May 09, 2007 3:02 pm

Actually, the Myspace account seems to still be alive. We have hundreds of friends. Who is updating it???

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Postby swithun » Wed May 09, 2007 3:47 pm

Damn. Looks like anyone can post stuff on the page. Fifth columnists no doubty. Glad that Jarvis Cocker got his chum Neil Young to support the Forest though. Just the celebrity endorsement we need now.

Maybe we could post some libelous filth that will get our account deleted, which might be more fun than closing the account voluntarily.

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