Volunteers under 16

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Volunteers under 16

Post by laura » Sat Nov 24, 2007 1:40 pm

So, the volunteering emails are still being forwarded to me - which is fine, I have been picking them up and answering them on a weekly basis as far as possible (although I reckon I am only getting 2-3 per month anways, nbot including the EUS ones, which I have been forwarding to Gaz).

I have had an email from a guy called Andy P, who is 15, and would like to volunteer at the cafe during his free periods. The times he suggests are unsuitable (9-10:20 probably Tues & Thurs - to be confirmed) so the cafe is closed for most of that time. However, he has also indicated that if this is not suitable he would like to come in during his own free time to help out.

Andy is aware that his age limits the jobs he is allowed to do due to health and safety issues, child protection issues. I have had a quick look into the matter and see that, whilst under 16 work legislation does not apply as he would be a volunteer, we do obviously have a duty of care and there is the issue of whether or not our workplace insurance would cover him.

I will send Andy a holding email and would like to be able to encourage him so as not to put him off volunteering. However, I think this is something we need a consensus on as the recommendations are that we get parental permission, ensure that work is suitable, risk assessment for suitable oddjobs, child protection and insurance.

I attach a link to a very useful website. I know this could be a pain, but I am willing to sit with one or two people to look at the matter. If the insurance is ok, this could be a one off project (with later updates and risk assesments when necessary) to set up a process for dealing with under 16 volunteers (perhaps draft letter of consent, list of safe jobs, list of considerations etc.

http://www.volunteeringmerseyside.org.u ... &task=view

What do you think?
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Post by ravanwin » Sun Nov 25, 2007 8:12 am

we have had young one volunteer in the past and it has never been a problem. some have been avoiding parents school etc so we need to watch for that and sometimes they want to bring friends in and drink and we have to be careful but otherwise i reckon serving and washing is fine and maybe cooking after a few weeks.

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