Meeting minutes - 07/01/07

Front of House, garden etc.
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Meeting minutes - 07/01/07

Postby Shannon » Sun Jan 07, 2007 5:15 pm

Present: Fiona, Chris, Shannon and Chakan


1. Discussing FoH responsibilities – divide them up
2. Furniture & Throws/Cushion Covers
3. Toilet Mural

1. Responsibilities

- Chakan went to Ikea last week
- Lots right now – if they run out before next meeting we’ll get tea lights

- Our supplier is a wholesaler – they are cheaper and fresher, but minimum order is £20
- Water should changed every few days and stems should be cut diagonally. Also, get rid of leaves that will be in the water or they will go moldy
- Lilies cost £30, but last a long time
- Chris says we should get garden group to plant bulbs all over the place – not just our section, but all over. Then we’ll have lovely stuff out there and inside. Shannon will let garden know to go overboard with this.
- Shannon will order flowers regularly, since she’s already doing orders.
- Everyone should be aware to check and change nasty water

- Free Shop: It isn’t worth folding and rearranging constantly, but we should neaten it up and throw out any utter shite
- A lot of tidying is the kitchen, but we should be aware – things like couches and wax on table tops should be watched
- Paint maintenance: Movie wall, window sills, recycling and front counter – Fiona will paint wall with white matte when she works out her rota (Chris will dig out the paint), Shannon will take care of wall by recycling
o Colours for other stuff: counter will be painted black whenever there is time and window sills the same
- It would be better if they had somewhere to live
- Shelves: Chris will look into it

- they’re cool right now

Table Tops
- one has been done, no more submissions
- Shannon will ask new TK exhibition if they want to do one
- Everyone will spread the word that we’re looking for submissions

Window Cleaning
- Chakan is doing it – wants a thing on a pole. Chris thinks we’ve got it.
- Hot soapy water and then scrunched up newspaper for drying in ace
- Front windows are priority

- we are not doing anything

2. Furniture
- Anything shit should be thrown out: especially chairs - Chris
- Lots of couches right now: pick out best ones – Chakan
Slip covering
- We are on it, but it’s taking some time – Liz will do a sewing workshop around it
- What do we want? Chris digs satin. We’re not so sure. Should be rich, dark colours in the interest of hiding dirt

3. Toilet Murals
- need to be fixed, but nobody with a brilliant idea yet
- what is up needs to be stripped – Chakan will ask Neil if he has one we can use & post to the forum
- ideas for good graffiti and chalkboard paint in there – let people know that we’re looking for something in there

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