minutes from 7th jan

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minutes from 7th jan

Postby chris » Wed Jan 10, 2007 3:55 pm

Present: Chris

actions are in red, completed things are in green


1. list of jobs to be done
2. big future building projects
3. building workshop date
4. discussion
5. action points
6. next meeting

lighting in gold room
staff toilet - better facilities, fix floor (where its sagging)
CIA nights display/submissions/etc /forest suggestions all powerful unit. - bill and chris are thinking on it
kitchen floor
front door closer replace
basement toilet - chakan/ryan are on it.
office phone - maybe equipment should do this?
tk gallery floor, sand/touch up, revarnish? - maybe tk should do
cafe room fucked floor boards near stage
ladder racks in basement, could be nice
get rid of crap paint from workshop
organize workshop
water serve self - metal funnel
warrant applications
cafe room hi-fi speakers.
recyling station - in the outside corner by the steps, talk with environmental
- cardboard outside waterproof thing
- recyling+rubbish+dirty plates+water point+cutlery+condiments - all new all amazing, dream like even...
about this as a possiblity.

toilets - put more toilets and urinals in the basement. estimated cost £1500
windows - external double glazing, for soundproofing. extimated cost £1000
secret room - open up and combine with cupboard to use as engineers room for the cave/ or to use as a cleaning room for the basement. discuss these ideas with cave and environmental, clearly it would be much cooler to do this for the cave.

3. 1st building workshop will be entitled 'how to use a drill' on saturday the 20th from 2pm, this will consist of sign up one to one workshops lasting 15 minutes each.

4. it was agreed that this was a great meeting, and it was hoped that future meetings would be so productive.

5. action points, chris will attempt to do these things:

cafe hi-fi speakers
front door closer replace
properly size some glass i know about..
gold room lighting
walk infridge door improve
talk to env + cave

7. next meeting is: friday 2nd february.
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