7pm Environment and Garden meeting

Front of House, garden etc.
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7pm Environment and Garden meeting

Postby swithun » Tue Feb 27, 2007 11:18 pm

There will be a meeting at 7pm, probably in Infoseed if we get out names down, or in the cafe if not.

I can report that I left a message asking for application details for the allotment. Maybe they aren't in a hurry to handle our application given the waiting list.

We need to work out how to comply with the decisions made at the volunteer meeting, namely fixing on a regular date for meetings, providing updates on activity for the back of the Events poster and some catch blurb about the group for a leaflet to go on tables for people to read.

Things have been happening in the garden too.

What else?

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Postby swithun » Thu Mar 08, 2007 12:19 am

Present Pomme, Swithun, Shannon, Jay, Kate
Apologies: Blue

Battery recycling

The envelope is up, so time to bring down those old Duracel that are oozing all over your ghetto blaster.


We now have the application form, and the closest plot to the Forest is also the one with the shortest waiting list (3 years) - Claremont Park. So this will be our first choice.

I'll put in the application letter I drafted too, and mention that we would also go for a half plot if that would expedite the process. And also that if a group name is allowed, The Forest Environment and Garden Working Group would be named, otherwise I'll use my name.


Last Saturday we planted a bag of daffodils and some irises and Daniel's passion flower tree. Blue drew up a list of plants/seeds and probably ordered them.

Kitchen bins

Shannon is the one responsible for the nice paint job round the kitchen bin area. The next thing is a sign to tell people to put their crap in the right bins. The building team next week could do something more drastic if they have time/materials. Blue is interested in building a green house in the garden apparently. We will know when he comes back from the big smoke.

Sneaky sneaky

Kate is looking at out of town sites

Green energy

Nick (Flavin) is into this, and will get bills to Daniel.


Is it still too close to the windows? Look into bokashi. (Shannon)
Keep an eye out for sawdust. (everyone)
Could weed and tidy the bed to the left of the daffodil bed and get some compost into it for when the order arrives. Do this next weekend - 18 March.

Stevie and Hailey - Shannon will see if they are interested.

Energy audit

Nick (Flavin) is keen on audit in theory.

We can get a free consultancy for all EUS buildings, which will take time to arrange, but we will get a fat report at the end of it. Or Jay can do just this building, and it will be private and the results wont be on government computer.

Report will tell you how to spend money on energy efficiency and also things that can be done for free.

Jay has ordered lots of material, enough for a library. He will phone and try to get someone/some organisation to come and do all EUS buildings and will do Forest himself.

Ask Chris to do diagram of elecrics (Shannon) for Jay.


We will meet every first Tuesday of the month at 7pm until the end of time/further notice (which ever is sooner).


Swithun will come up with sentence and activity notes for the WG publicity.

Shout out

Community action film/s - End of Suburbia, Who killed the electric car. Next
Tuesday, 7.30.

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Postby Shannon » Thu Mar 08, 2007 11:43 am

For what it's worth, I got the ball rolling on the kitchen paint job, but Bill did most of the dirty work!

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