5pm Environment and Garden/Community Meeting

Front of House, garden etc.
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5pm Environment and Garden/Community Meeting

Postby swithun » Thu May 31, 2007 12:52 pm

We'll have a joint Environment and Garden and Community meeting at 5pm on Saturday. This will be preceded by some bag making and maybe a quick peek at the garden. Come along.

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Postby swithun » Thu Jun 07, 2007 4:19 pm

Minutes at last.

Present: Dandolo, Graeme, Shannon, Swithun

Merging the Environment and Garden WG with the Community Action WG. Everyone seemed cool with this. There was already overlap in terms of personnel, ideas and events.


Dandolo was wondering what has/was happening to the passion flower he donated to the garden. It might have lost its leaves, which isn't great for a plant.

We wondered what had happened to the seeds. Swithun reported that he had planted some of them, and heard later that they are coming along well. Blue is apparently drawing up a map/plan of the garden and what is growing where.

The compost is degrading nicely, though it could do with being turned, Shannon thought. This could be done either by tipping it all out, turning it and putting back in, or in situ with a fork, if we had one.

The Cyrenians are maybe setting up a waste collection scheme, so could take our food waste for a larger scale compost heap, which would be cool. They also might have some produce in the summer. Herbs would be a good thing to get from them.


Bill says that we can get a free energy audit now that we are a charity, apparently. He knows someone.

Dandolo has successfully returned a battery to IKEA. Update: he has taken some more along. Respect. It was suggested that we use a more visible receptacle for collecting the old batteries - a bucket that looked like a battery maybe.

The big uplighters are maybe 500W. They produce lots of light, but the wattage is, perhaps, using as much as the rest of the cafe. In the summer we don't need so much light, so this would be a good time to not use them, or, even better, disconnect them and find a better solution in time for when the nights draw in. Graeme is well up on his bulbs.

Does the hot (sink) water need to be so hot? Lots of people burn themselves on it, and we need to add cold which wastes the energy used in making the hot water hot. There might be a thermostat on the boiler (under grill).

Community Action

The Green Guide should be resurrected. It will be similar to the one produced for Leeds, though Dandolo finds this one a bit negative and would like our one to be more positive. We have some material already, and could use a Wiki to collect and collate the rest (see this thread). Shannon set up a CA mailing list, and Swithun will post to this announcing the rebirth of the GG. This should be ready for Freshers Week (original idea) or even by the Festival. It should contain testimonials and personal stories and emphasise sustainable entertainment (live and local etc.).

Bag making

These sessions have been quite successful. Quite a few bags have been made and a lot of people have been taught how to use a sewing machine, which was another objective. Though this does get in the way of making bags as these people are often slow to start with and take away bags they have made.

Screen printing (Neil/Chris's department?) might be better than spray painting the bags with stencils - although the ones we did spray looked great. They aren't plastic free if we spray paint them.

Shannon wants to put on some films related to the climate camp. From what she said, things are coming along and it is worth checking the media for stories.

Food not Bombs is dormant, though Kate and her van are apparently interested.

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