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Post by Susana » Tue Feb 03, 2009 7:53 am

Guys, I got 6 cushions from charity shops because they were just £2 each. I left them in the shop. If they are not liked or whatever is no bother because I can exchange them for something for myself. They have a very classic look but I thought we could add little things to them to make them more funky and interesting, e.g. something like the badges that the girls at the shop are making (although I suggest to saw them to the cushion itself since as a badge they would be easily stolen...) We could also write things on them, anything like what the forest is about or the exploding car... or anything.

I also left the 2 big cushions I had bought sometime ago. That would be a donation from me but they need the fillings. Again I thought if we don't want to spend £14 on them (that is what they would cost) we could always take rubbishy clothes from the free shop and stuff them just with that.

And the cushions would have to be 'fixed' to the walls as they would 'disappear' otherwise. (I am thinking the same would be for any lamp that we get for that room)

Cheers :wink:
Susanita, la amiga tonta de Mafalda

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