Wellness festival @ permaculture village

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Wellness festival @ permaculture village

Postby amelia » Mon Oct 19, 2009 9:33 pm

There is another festival here in Maleny again, at the Crystal Water's permaculture village. A bunch of us from my SoulVoice International course are doing stalls to demonstrate sound healing, giving peeps 'sound baths' etc. Am looking forward to it! We never quite know what's gonna happen when we get together!
Only in it's second year it still has a way to go but I feel it is a great idea, people go to Crystal Waters with an open mind - if it is just for the regular market stall. Good on the organisers! Check it out online of you want...I wanna stock up on the guarana balls they sell there. I try to go without energy stimulants but it is difficult....or is it that they are so delicious? The tahini balls are fab too. :)

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