fringe fest minutes may 24th

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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fringe fest minutes may 24th

Post by ravanwin » Fri May 25, 2007 5:14 pm

James, Ryan, Ariana, Mike, susanna…..

1) new people…. What they want

2) tech needs

3) money

4) website work

5) updates?

• ariana has just done a play in London and has a company in Portugal and wants to come to this thing. They have a new play in Lisbon and they want to do stuff. Wants to do site specific stuff.
Action: ryan will put ariana in touch with Debbie via email:

Mike just interested. Has contacts with the syrianians and would like to get more involved…

2) tech needs:
action: james will measure the hall.
Action: ryan will ask for seats in forest. James will go to great junction st.
Stage Blocks:
Action: james will propose size.
Lighting and Sound
LIGHT: looking at £1,500 to but but may be cheaper to rent.
SOUND: will need to hire / buy or borrow another PA? Any Ideas?

Action: ryan to ask forest about how we blacked out the space?
Action: James to measure windows?

3) Money stuff:

We should have a program.
Action: Mike will check out the arts college and see what they do?
Action: James will find out the plan from idil?

4) Jame’s WIKI:::::

it is for people to share information! Use it if we can. So we can update it and use it…..
it is central and good.

it is private.

6) Sharing:

Debbie is in control of programming with our assistance etc. and we get the final say.
Ryan is working with forest to make things happen.
James is teamster and orginazational master.

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Post by danny » Mon Jun 11, 2007 12:48 am

I have a 60 Watt P.a. system ( the one that got used last year in the festival ), that could be used as long as people looked after it.
In the past, it wasn't properly looked after and one of the inputs is now broken along with the reverb spring. As a sign of respect it would be nice if someone could fix these things.
On Tuesday nights I use it for gigs at the Chai Tea house and I may well need it for the odd gig here and there elsewhere.

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