Minutes: Volunteer WG meeting, Tueday 13th

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Minutes: Volunteer WG meeting, Tueday 13th

Post by Fils d'Abeille » Wed Jun 13, 2007 10:15 pm

Minutes: Volunteer WG meeting Tuesday 13th

Present: Alex, Graeme, Dai and Nick

1) Previous action points- recap
2) Volunteer party/meeting
3) Baseball etc…
4) Vollies not turning up
5) Merger
6) Weirdo-fucks
7) Nm on call list

It went something like this

Last party was nice… chilled out card games etc. But small. More advertising and organisation required for future events.
Graeme suggests invitations to be given to vollies on shifts beforehand to encourage active vollies (allowing for free food/booze on the night). We sorta like the idea.
To be discussed for July party.

Vollie manual: Alex showed us the beautiful new shiny manuals. Need to make sure these are properly distributed to all vollies (Nms need to be aware of this also).
Nick will post on BB (perhaps)

Vollie contract: ??? not sure any work has been done on this.
A.P Nick will buy book as per previous plans.
Anybody who has access to previous literature, if you could post anything that would be great. Otherwise thread will be started concerning rehash or rewrite of said contract.
I think Dai was gonna see if he could dig anything up. Good luck to him.

Tabletops: A. assures us that behind the scenes, things are happening. Nick would like to know what is happening? Anyone?

Forest publication
Alex has a theory that CIA nights are sitting on their arses… and farting… a lot.
Brought up idea of new forest publication- fortnightly. Some vague ideas for opening it up to more vollies, through online/café contributions.
A.P Graeme’s doing a front cover of sorts… apparently.
Crossover with publication WG? Or not? Perhaps? Moving on.

We talked about my space. There were no strong opinions on this. I can’t really remember why it was brought up but it made sense at the time. Apparently there were long dull debates on the matter. We were mostly apathetic. Alex was to post poll to gauge opinion, not to antagonise, but because polls are fun, and can’t do any harm… right? :-)

2) vollie party
Alex is on top and below of things. More cross-dressing madness and Nick pledges to shave his dodgy goatie.
In any case, he knows what he wants.
Point for clarification: do we have a fixed vollie party budget? What is it?
Slushy machine: broken! Can it be fixed?
A.P Dai is on it.

Alex is also all over the meeting proceedings where we will be enlightened as to the musings of the Forest WG. Everyone come and be amazed etc…

Next vollie party
Some big night was booked in the events book but fell short of clearly indicated criteria for booking (no contact details etc)
Nick, in his own obnoxious way proceeded to remove said booking while clutching his testicles and laughing manically. Instead, it is the provisional date for next vollie party: 27th July.
Alex suggested theme of air guitar contest.
Dai was quick to point out that this would become old after a minute or two.
Much enthusiasm for a “Forest Games” themed event, including prizes and phallic trophies. The floor is open to suggestions.

Chris joins…
Agreed to purchase bat, settling for rounders as compromise.
Balls of some kind will be purchased
Apparently Chris says his balls are rubbish, ask Alex for details.
Suggested for an end of month Sunday event, involving playing, eating, drinking and lots of other ings. Vollie gathering in the meadows sorta thing.

Alex- really fucking annoying (people who don’t show)
An accident on fate brought about the suggestion of a three strike policy. Later reduced to two strikes and you’re out (for a month). To not show once could be considered unfortunate. To miss two shifts is carelessness. Such offenders will be prevented from volunteering for a month and any benefits etc…
We all liked the idea but was felt it did not fall within our own mandate.
A.P Alex will bring it up in kitchen forum/WG
Chris leaves…

5) This is last meeting of Vollie WG (many tears were shed)
next meeting will be bigger with a bunch of other groups I forget. Will potentially have subsidiary meetings.

Violence/abuse clear-cut expulsion. Some concern that no obvious policy has been developed. Nevertheless, it continues to be discussed.
Nick wonders whether the weirdo fucks were brought up at the big meet. Supposedly yes? No mention on minutes?
It was proposed that maybe a record of “incidents” could be kept in pseudo-methodical fashion for the benefit of others in case by case evaluations.

I’m interested in maybe bringing together NM so that peeps no each other, have a better idea about these issues and others currently being discussed and are clear on their prerogatives (maybe redundant with new letter? Maybe not?)
‡ see next point also

Alex wants a list with contact details of Nms consenting to be contacted for shifts. Alex has clever ticking system idea to avoid always bothering the same people. It all sounds fabulous.
A.P Nick’s gonna have a crack of getting people’s details together and putting list together.

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Post by swithun » Thu Jun 14, 2007 12:19 am

27th July is my birthday. Safe as fuck. Are we gonna rock out or are we gonna rock out. Air guitar would be good, but yes, only for a few minutes. How do they manage to keep it interesting all night in Finland? Anyway, count me in for helping out, clarts. Being a year older than Jesus ever was has to count for something, and I don't want it marked by some lame affair with cheesy quavers spinning the bottle.

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Post by ravanwin » Thu Jun 14, 2007 9:47 am

point 4: ok

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Post by Fils d'Abeille » Thu Jun 14, 2007 11:28 am

You kid!!!! 27th of July is my birthday also! (It just happened to be an available slot, but so much the better).

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