Behind the Scenes minutes June 21st

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Present: Neil, Alex (more as a spectator than a participant)

A gender

1. Meeting time
2. The shop
3. End of year accounts

1. This meeting should have taken place yesterday at 7pm. Neil was more confused than usual. Next month he will try to get it right.
Action: Neil to post time for mext meeting on the bb in plenty of advanceness, like soon.

2. We should have a shop. It will start small. It will live in the glass cabinet in the cafe. The cabinet is now in the Gold Room. Is that the best place for it? Does it need to be kept an eye on? Ideally any potential thieves would be automatically electrocuted. Also there is the question of where else it could possibly go? Maybe stick with current position, especially as it won't contain anything super-valuable. It now has a lock. Hopefully we still have the key as there was only one. What can we put in it?
CDs - Ryan, Balkan, Very, Arctic Circle?, Danseizure?
Books - Ryan, Jane, CIA anthology
T-shirts, if they ever come
Zap coffee
That should be enough to begin with.
Action: Neil needs to find the key and try again to get another one cut. He will also scrape the mysterious white substance off the front glass and put some stuff in there.

3. Neil met our accountant today. The annual accounts are close to being done. They are due in just over a month.

That is all.

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