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Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Business & Admin 19-09-07

Post by beev » Wed Sep 19, 2007 10:53 pm

Present: Shannon, Tom, Jon, Neil, James


1. new treasurer
2. building manager
3. grants
4. charity/cafe split
5. z totals

In reverse order...

ZZZZZZZZ totals - The deal is: at the end of your shift, the KM or NM presses a button on the till and it prints out a break down of what has been sold and how much money you should have. This means you can track down any thievery that may be taking place. Aside from the philosophical question of whether we want to be the type of organisation that does this (apparently it has already been decided), there are the practical considerations. KMs would have to count the money first thing in the morning, then again at the end of their shift. They would also need a way of recording anything that comes out of the till (such as adding up receipts or using a magical button on the till), and they would need a way of ringing through the random stuff that does not have its own button (such as books & CDs). We are concerned that KMs will struggle to find the time for all the counting, but (Action:) Shannon is willing to experiment to see if it can work.

Charity/cafe split - Neil is getting us another bank account. there will be one for the cafe (all food/drink stuff) and another for the charity (everything else). There will also be separate cash supplies and cheque books, and we will need another safe in the managers office. Receipts will have to be kept separate. A new, more organised system of collecting receipts will be introduced. They will be neat and tidy. It will be better for everyone. Neil and/or James will introduce the new system soon.

Grants -
ravanwin wrote:project scotland ( should be able to send us loads of free volunteers to help run forest related projects from events to publishing and beyond.

only thing: we have to fill out the cursed application form.

most of it isn't a problem and i'll take it on, however, they want hard copy of the following.

any idea what we have / what we don't and how to get if we don't have?

Policy & Procedure Checklist

Y / N
Health and Safety Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Public Liability Insurance to the value of £2 m

Employers’ Liability Insurance to the value of £5 m

Disciplinary & Grievance Policy

Current Fire Certificate/Fire Risk Assessment has been carried out

Disclosure Policy

Volunteer Induction Procedure

Annual Audited Financial Statements

Data Protection
This is not so much a grant, more an offer of free volunteers. We have most of these things, though some of them may need to be typed up. We do not have a disclosure policy, though maybe we do not actually need one in this case. Can we get audited accounts? Will we need z totals for that? Possibly not as we are talking about charity and not cafe accounts, so z totals should not come into it. Equal Opportunities Policy may be in our constitution. Disciplinary & Grievance Policy may be in relation to staff, not customers and random folk. In which case we do not have it.
Action: Shannon will look into the Equal Opportunities Policy. James will look up the Data Protection Act and ask his accountant friend about audited accounts.

Building Manager - Ryan is doing a good job. Do we need to set tasks and priorities. The main tasks we could think of were:

- Find people to rent the rooms
- Pursue grants
- Get events licence

Ryan is working on all these things, but they are not easy. We think he should make a report to the FWG every month, and also that he should tell us what he needs in order to make progress. We are reluctant to make a list of stuff that needs doing, or to feed Ryan all the jobs that others don't want to do.
Action: Neil will start bb thread so folk can make suggestions of stuff for BM to do.

New treasurer - What does the treasurer do? Collect receipts, update accounts book, count & bank money, write cheques, pay bills, call call centres, mainly. Jon is up for taking on some of these tasks. He may not be living in Edinburgh, but he may be, and that would be good.
Action: Neil will show Jon how to do banking and update the accounts book.

Other business:
Forest grants - there may be another interesting one from the Philippines.
BB - Neil may be able to install a mod that will make it a bit easier to use. But he is worried it could fuck everything up. Our board is already heavily modded. He will do some experimenting when he has time.

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Post by beev » Wed Sep 19, 2007 10:57 pm

The link for that Filipino grant application:

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Post by Shannon » Thu Sep 20, 2007 11:48 am

A couple of things:

I don't think my experimenting is going to come to much, and it is more likely that anything on z totals will have to wait until Chris is back, or Chris tells us where the instruction manual for the till is. A big concern is that if everything is going through the till and we want it to be accurate, there needs to be buttons for all the different merchandise and we've already used up all the buttons. In general, it is incredibly frustrating that you cannot type a price into the till. If there is not a button, too bad. (Unless we had a £1 and 50p button or something that we could just keep pressing?).

Also, not included in the list of the building manager job is the ongoing task of booking and managing the upstairs hall (or maybe this was included with renting the rooms). I think we generally agreed that it is important that we are advertising the room rentals outside of Forest and approaching other organisations that we think are appropriate.
We are reluctant to make a list of stuff that needs doing,
I do think we should make a prioritised task list - and probably for KMs too. But, I don't think that the five people at last night's meeting could do it. Hopefully we can continue discussing on the other thread and come up with something at the next Forest working group meeting.

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