Minutes of meeting August 7th 2005

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Minutes of meeting August 7th 2005

Post by beev » Sat Aug 20, 2005 6:36 pm

As the b-boys say, welcome, to the new style.


1. Balls
2. Grants
3. Bikes
4. Festival
5. The Happening
6. Box office
7. International volunteers
8. Cloakroom
9. Thieves
10. Events
11. Library
12. Money
13. AOB

1. Magda brought hers. They were nice. Firm and chocolately with lots of little bits. 2. The contenders this time were Julie for a mike, Bilston for a kicking, and a member of Artic Circle for a travel grant. We opted to help the Circle, but to help Julie out in some way, maybe by purchasing a good mike she could borrow. 3. The last decent bike has, apparently, been stolen. The girl last seen in charge of it said she’d buy us another. Though really what we need is more good bikes. And Jon needs a decent space to work in, since the ultra office ultra ate his. 4. Yes, unfortunately, the festival is happening (but not Happening). It was suggested that Teams be made, for cleaning, prep etc. The rotas should be altered to reflect this. 5. The Happening will happen. On the 27th. 6. Celine’s float got stolen. Because thieves take. Miroslav and Ryan agreed to put in a few hours to sell tickets. 9. So, yes, thieves are prowling. More signs will be put up to alert the innocent. We should all be vigilant for the wrong kind of weirdness. 8. But does that mean we should have a cloakroom? No. 7. International volunteers should be encouraged to place orders in the regular way, rather than foxtroting in and just making stuff. This will stop them getting fat. 10. We need more events. Quiet downstairs, loud upstairs. The coppers came 4 times the other night. Our lawyers advise us to start a religion. And that it takes 3-4 months to be sued. 11. No idea about this, magda was biting my delighted ear. 12. Well, we’ve made lots. And spent more. Oh well. 13. No, none that I remember.