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Post by bryony » Fri Mar 21, 2008 11:27 pm

Darrrrrrrling people!

Another BALKANARAMA is upon us ----- bringing into life tastes and sounds of the Balkans! As always, we invite you to come along and let loooooosssse..... climb chairs and tables, jump, sing, scream, cry, laugh, shake and dance to the superb Balkan, gypsy and klezmer tunes!

APRIL BALKANARAMA proudly presents:
Black Cat, a 10-piece masterpiece
the magnificent Mr Teo Krilic singing enchanting sevdah music that is as moving today as it was when it was first created 400 years ago.

Also featuring DJ Marco of Orkestra Del Sol spinning finest Balkan electro beats, DJ Sava, Balkan Female Choir, early Live Jamming Session, Blud Slugs and much much more...
Of course, as always, there'll be some free samples of tasty Balkan grape and plum brandies, a dry fig or two to bite into, and Balkan films and visuals.

Hope to see your sexy asses there!
Saska xxx


Live Balkan, Klezmer, Gypsy ad Sevdah music, Balkan DJs, films and visuals

Thursday 3 April 2008
9pm – 3am
Studio 24, Calton Road, Edinburgh
£6 before 11pm, £8 thereafter


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