Cafe and events meeting 4th June 2008

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Cafe and events meeting 4th June 2008

Post by swithun » Wed Jun 04, 2008 9:14 pm

C+E meeting 4/6/8


Emi, Marian(?), Shannon, Bryony, James, Alex, Cyrielle, Nerea, Xabina, Ryan, Carlos

Food in action room

Trust people to keep food/drink to big table, nothing on computer tables.

FoH team

Have lots of people who want to do FoH, so they could have their own meeting. Should FoH team have power to decide on murals?

James says VA want the big wall in cafe. Shannon says they dont.

Alex says give FoH autonomy. Bryony says that VA have the gallery space for themselves.

Shannon says that there is a big group of people interested, so there will be a spectrum of opinion.

No trees on the wall! No hippy shit!

People need to have a finishing date.

Could be used to bring in people from outside the Forest - Art College etc..

Meeting Tuesday 10th 7.15pm in cafe.

Stuff in walkin fridge

Don't put things on the ground/floor. Xabina will make a sign. Use crates to elevate the juices.


Falafels are hit and miss. We want to find a new supplier. Try the falafel joint at the bottom of Pleasance. Or we could talk to our supplier and tell them when they are good/bad, and help them improve. Bryony and Charlotte will handle this.

Recycling area

Recycling is always in the way. Nix says that there is a space between the doors where it could go. It isn't good where it is just now, next to the shop. Would need some wood. How much would we want to spend on this? Ken thinks 20 quid. Max 30. Alex will tell him.

Till Dept 3 not working

This isn't appearing on the Z totals. Need to check the programming.

Everyone - we want to use the till properly. So if you make a mistake, tell the KM and they can do a refund. Show James how it works and he will make a poster. No one should open the till. Only manager should open till. Ask if you need to open till for abnormal reason. Otherwise you are stealing and fucking up our tax receipts. Bad.

Meadows Fest

Lots of bands, GH etc. We will sell the brewskis. Beer will be secure. Bill asks that we close Cave so we can use equipment. Bill will borrow mics and bring them back in evening. Alex is washing his hands of this. We will provide float, someone make sure we have enough change. Friday during day, Bill will be making signs in the cafe, if anyone wants to help.

Need someone to work on zine stall. See Nix on Friday for this.

Need help setting up on Saturday, taking down on Sunday.


James is contacting suppliers.

Tranquility team

All EVS dudes should be trained up. Nat still hasn't heard from Janet, but is looking at other tranquility suppliers/trainers. Mediation training is expensive, because no one argues with these people. Need to get a better idea of what we want. Don't be specific about how much money we have.

Smoothie death

Should they come back? Shannon is against it as a regular thing. Takes up room, time. Ryan says that we have been doing it wrong. Need better machinery. But there isn't the room.

Pitor has looked at slushy machine and thinks it could be made to work by someone else, like Martin. This could be better. Swithun to contact Martin to see if he can look at slushy machine.


Will be massive. Have meeting for events and parties for people who give a shit. Need to talk about opening/closing parties, getting weekends/dates right to coincide with Festival dates. Reduce the amount of amateur hour we often have. Monday 7pm somewhere in building, not Action Room. There will be more than 1 meeting, in case you can't make this one. But do put in any ideas.

Workshop facilitator status

These people make contributions, so should be treated like volunteers. Shannon treats then like performers. Facilitators are confused as to where they stand. No one is that bothered, so if we are happy with them, then they can get volunteer price.


Need some new ones. Have some new people in mind. Xabina, Carlos and Olivier should be all doing it now. Ryan will do another NM training session. Pick a quieter night than Friday. Shannon says that there is a letter on the BB that can be given to new NMs.

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