Minutes of Mega Meeting 27th November

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Minutes of Mega Meeting 27th November

Post by beev » Sun Nov 27, 2005 9:49 pm

Minutes of Mega Meeting Sunday 27th November 2005

In attendance: Nick + Magda + Tim + Mat + Daniel + Robin + Pogo + Kasia + Ryan + Mikey + Duncan = Jam


1. Re Blender
2. Fire Warden
3. Computer
5. Piano Permissions
6. Kunst Holidays
7. Mural
8. Candles
9. Tim Holidays
10. Office
11. Kids
12. Car Club
13. Pogo Budget
14. No volunteers
15. Power survey

1. Nothing has been done. Should we bother? See point 2.

2. FW came on Thursday. Fairly happy but no maintained lighting and alarm.
ACTION: Alex and electrician coming next week to sort out lighting.

1. So yes, we should, licence or no. We should schedule a meeting. JANE!

3. Tim fixed the computer, thank you thank you. Should we spend 50 quid to get a new hard disk? For a new internal 250 gig?
ACTION: We agree. Duncan will buy it.

5. Can Pogo come in and play the piano when no one is here? Yes, so long as he comes before closing, and tells the KMs in the day, so they can tell the vols it’s okay to give him the

6. K and M going away, back in January. Jo will fill-in in their absence.

7. Richie, an Aussie guy, who cooks well, is going to paint a mural on the white space on the counter on the front. Yes, there is money available.
ACTION: Magda given budget of 20 pounds per mural.

8. We need clarification on what we can use, pillar or tea light.
ACTION: We should solicit the fire dept’s opinion and think about broader bases for candles, rather than wine bottles.

9. from December 16th to Jan 14th.

10. On Friday people in the office who should not have been.
ACTION: Be more aware of who’s around, especially during major happenings. Otherwise stuff will go walkies again.

11. Kids. Lotta of them hanging out. Underagers. Drinking. They should not be here. Especially not the pig faced girl. And the one who’s dumb as nails.
ACTION: Keep an eye on them. Be stricter with people misbehaving. Bar if necessary.

12. Is it working financially? We don’t seem to be able to use it for our own needs. Maybe we should move to a subscription/pay by use system. Could be a pay by mile system?
ACTION: Gareth? Andrea? Can you work out some costs?

13. Pogo has sorted out the speakers and PA. He is going to spend

14. We don’t have many of them. And some of them play willie in-the-cup. Nights are the problem. KMs could encourage some of the good vols to work nights.
ACTION: We signed up for night shifts.

15. Duncan has meters for sockets that he will install. Don’t let randoms unplug them and insert them elsewhere.


Mikey has started setting up a youth music workshop. Do we want to give it to his dial-a-funk workshop? He needs money to print booklets to send to schools, to get funding and participants?
ACTION: we’re going to put it on hold for a bit.