Forest Programme 6th-12th October

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Forest Programme 6th-12th October

Post by Roman » Mon Oct 06, 2008 3:03 pm

ALL Events are 102% FREE

6th October, 2008

9pm - Film Night: "Blow up” by Antonioni, UK 1967

A successful mod photographer in London whose world is bounded by fashion, pop music, marijuana, and easy sex, feels hislife is boring and despairing. But in the course of a single day he accidentally captures on film the commission of a murder. The fact that he has photographed a murder does not occur to him until he studies and then blows up his negatives, uncovering details, blowing up smaller and smaller elements, and finally putting the puzzle together.

Tuesday 7th October

7pm - Deborah Says Play
Experimental Improvisation

Deborah Hails from the Netherlands will be playing a set of experimental electro-folk. Or so the myspace site claims. The only tracks to be found on the site are two mid-paced guitar pieces; one with the spoken word overlaid. I’m not sure if Deborah Says Play is a Solo outfit or whether her friend Lisa S will be making an appearance aswell. Isn’t uncertainty thrilling? You can check out Deborah’s tunes at:

8.30 pm - The Forest Drama Drama Drama Group

“Determination, direction, cold”
Script, set work, performance, practice and play - come and join us to create a magnificiant japanese puppet theatre show!

Wednesday 8th October

12pm - Geo Re-craft

So it’s green week at the university and we have decided to put our reduce, reuse and recycle knowledge into arts and crafts practice. We will be situated in Forest café between 1 and 5pm with cotton

shopping bags in hand to decorate as your own with the use of recycled art materials. In addition, we will be painting mugs for either ourselves or our geography building, to reduce the amount of polystyrene cups being used. Finally we will also show you how to construct purses from cartons. Please help us raise awareness of sustainability issues by getting involved with some arty fun. Many thanks, Geography Society. by Maddie

9pm - Jeffrey T Smith

Experimental / Rock / Acousmatic / Tape music

"Jeff T. Smith, the solitary artist behind Juffage, appears to take pride in the experimental nature of his music... but the songs streaming on the site are far from inaccessible. "Requiescat" lopes along on a fuzzed-out bass line and tribal drums; "Drone," an eerie, nightmarish soundscape, sounds like a tape salvaged from humanity's final days on Earth; "Cubicle Blues," with its slurred vocals and kinetic drumming,is the sound of one man struggling to keep pace with the frenetic world around him. Try to keep up."
Andy Downing, Chicago Tribune

Thursday 9th October

9pm - Victor Pope&the Canons

Band: Victor Pope and the Canons is a new band, the members played in different bands before. Steve played for Radio BBC 6 and Leeds’s radio and Victor Pope was his previous band.
Music: Indie Funk.
Programme: 50/50 Funk / Introspective.
Lyrics: Mental illness, spiritual crisis, mind talks. Negative / Positive Dark vs Bright
Thinking: They think this gig will be soul destroying degeneracy why not? They expect the audience to drink and take drugs.
by RT

Friday 10th October

7pm - Slow motion party

This party will be just ten minutes long. Everyone in the Cafe has tto move in slow motion!!! Have fun and sloooow down for Oliviers goodbye party! You will never forget it...
by Ida

9pm - The Wee Freak Live Performance

The Big Freak is Edinburgh’s creative community. They are an amazing collective of musicians, dancers, puppeteers, fashion designers, poets, clowns, storytellers, jumbling monkeys and others. The Big Freak night offers a vibrant hub of entertainment the likes of which Edinburgh only dreams. This summer I saw them at the Forest Café upstairs in the hall and I was astonished by their creativity.

Saturday 11th October

12pm - US Pres Debate Watch Party

7pm - The Weather Underground

Osama bin Bush plays acoustic guitar with the help from a fen close friends. George killer Bush and Tony cock sucking blair Jion Him. More Music than two twin towers could fall to.
Bring some dynamite!!!

9pm - Circus Fantasticus

On the Circus Fantasticus Website there are disparate videos, more than one of which features a clip from That’s not ‘uncool guys’.com, but rather ‘exit of the alimentary canal’.com. The videos themselves are of, variously: a trip into outer space, a plea for people to expose the hypocrisy of the American government; and footage of the Finnish gunman-student. Here’s what they say their show is about, though: ‘Live Music, Singing, Dancing, Possible Insect Show, Video Projection, Funk, Folk, Punk.’ Uncertainty – isn’t it thrilling? More: JC

Sunday 12th October

Deaming Woman

Erstwhile Piano Improv Organisor Gudrun will perform with her mountain dulcimer and gamba (What are these? I don’t, as usual, know. One looks like a cross between a guitar and a cello. The other is anyone’s guess. Thrilling, uncertainty, isn’t it?) Gudrina’s voice has an operatic feel to it – and if you like that, then you’ll like this. Everyone is invited to participate with poetry, music, photography, drawings...

Forest News

Biz’Art Shop: Roll up! Roll up! Get your freshly hand-printed 888 t-shirts here at the BizArt Shop! Did you attend the 888 party? Did you get your old favourite t-shirt ruined in a tragi-comic paint-related accident? Do you think this t-shirt is just really damn cool? Then trot on down to the BizArt shop and grabone before they’re all gone!

TotalKunst Gallery: "Habitat" by Mirja Koponen until 12 October

Film: There are film nights every Monday at 9pm. If you have a proposal for a Film, write an e-mail to


All workshops without price are FREE and open to everybody.

Monday, 8-10pm: Writing group (Indana text) - Action Room

Tuesday, 7-9pm: Forest choir - Hall

Tuesday, 8.30pm-late: Forest Drama Group - Crafty Room

Wednesday, 6-7pm: Kalari martial arts class (6/4.50 pounds)- Hall

Wednesday, 7-8pm : English lessons - Crafty Room

Thursday, 7.30-9pm: Brazilian dance+samba class (12 pounds/hour) - Hall

Thursday, 9pm-late: Music Jam - The Cave

We welcome offers from people willing to share their knowledge, talent and skills with other members of the community. If you would like to run a workshop please contact:



Please Mr Iqbal

Mr Iqbal
forgive me
I did not mean to alarm you,
did not intend to appear
quite so suddenly
in your doorway,
catch you unawares.

I saw the fear in your eyes
as they met mine -
glinting like polished metal,
my white face sheathed
beneath a black hood.
Stepping out the rain,
hands in pockets,
unknown to you,
and suddenly
inches away.

whatever you have is safe for now.
Your carefully managed stock,
the contents of your till,
whatever else you might have stashed away
for your family,
for those back home
whoever they may be.

Just take this 55p from me;
all I want
is a packet of crisps.

By Neil Beaver

INFO: Send your short story, poem, dream or last SMS to and we will publish it here.
"Don't trust anyone over thirty" - Jerry Rubin

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Re: Forest Programme 6th-12th October

Post by Gaz » Tue Oct 07, 2008 3:49 pm

What flavour crisps were they?

I hope they were Prawn Cocktail
the more you think, the more you stink

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Re: Forest Programme 6th-12th October

Post by beev » Tue Oct 07, 2008 9:29 pm

hey - thanks for publishing my poem.

i'd just like to offer a little tip for the future: when publishing someone's work, be careful to reproduce their formatting exactly. for example, if the work submitted to you reads:
...for your family,
for those back home
whoever they may be.

Just take this 55p from me;
all I want
is a packet of crisps.
then you should avoid changing it to:
...for your family,
for those back home

whoever they may be.
Just take this 55p from me;
all I want
is a packet of crisps.
it may seem unimportant, but this makes a big difference. also, you should avoid adding extra spaces in between verses which do not appear in the original work. basically, avoid changing anything unless you absolutely have to. from the creator's point of view, it is very annoying to have your work altered for no reason!

as i'm an administrator on the bb i've edited the post to reverse the changes. I'm sure they were accidental, but i think it would be good to be more careful in future....
Gaz wrote:What flavour crisps were they?

I hope they were Prawn Cocktail
i don't geddit...

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Re: Forest Programme 6th-12th October

Post by Martin » Wed Oct 08, 2008 1:24 am

prawn cocktail = the bomb.

The day they brought out prawn cocktail pringles was very nearly the end of the universe.

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Re: Forest Programme 6th-12th October

Post by Shannon » Tue Oct 14, 2008 1:27 pm

Why are we advertising the non-free non-Forest workshops being held in the hall upstairs??

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