Minutes 8 January 2006

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Minutes 8 January 2006

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Minutes 8 January 2006

present: Danny, Neil, Mat, Dai, Pogo, Duncan, Gareth, Ryan, Jane, Magda, Robin

apologies: Nicholas, Miroslav

facilitator: Gareth

secretary: Magda


1. Keys for FOH
2. Car
3. Health and Safety
4. Cave Noise
5. Night managers
6. Stereo
7. Money
8. Flamenco
9. Beeer
10. Invoice Bullshit
11. Smoking Week
12. Shop
13. Recycling area
14. Goat
15. Positions
16. My 14 inch Cock
17. Any Other Business

1. Danny has keys to building. Can he have cafe keys as well? The fewer keys there are the better. Should we have a spare key?
Action: We will cut a key for Danny.

2. Mat wants to get rid of the car. A girl in the car club broke the car key. There are no keys. Car has been towed. New insurance needed. It'll cost to get it back cause she probably won't pay for it.
Action: Gareth will send her a email to make her sort the mess out. Get car. Get rid of car. Stop the insurance (Gareth).

3. They were here. They did not threaten. They were nice! There is a list of things to do.
Action: Mat will do it all.

4. A few people doing events have complained about noise coming from the Cave, through the floor. Notably a shitty covers band. Should we
soundproof more, or coordinate Cave with events better?
Action: Ryan will send Robin an email every month to let him know which events will require a quiet Cave.

5. Do we want to get Night Managers? The idea is to have about 4 NMs, who would be volunteers whom we have picked because they're nice and work well and we trust them. They would be on the committee. This would be a way of rewarding good volunteers and would be a breeding ground for future KMs. It would ensure that things ran more smoothly and that there would be good, responsible, sane people around in the evenings. There is a question of rewards for these NMs. The argument was brought up that paying more and more people is not good for the Forest.
Action: We will get a list of possible names. Mat will run up a job description. We will discuss this further on the BB.

6. Pogo is taking the little Pioneer, selling it on Ebay and getting a new

7. As usual, taxes are killing us. bastards.

8. Someone has been doing an unofficial workshop in the forest. We are unhappy about this, especially as the workshop is quite disruptive in its nature.
Action: Unless the workshop is going to be cleared with Ras, properly advertised and completely free, we will ask them to find another venue.

9. We have lots of beer that we didn't sell at the Futurity. We want to give it back. It will leave us some credit with them. That's ok.

10. More silly invoices.

11. Let's show our appreciation to all our smokers before the smoking ban.
But we will have to play jazz and dress smart.
Action: start planning smoking week.

12. The shop's great! Says Jane. Dan Seizure music most popular item.

13. Recycling sneaks behind the freezer, says Gareth.
Action: Neil will fix it.

14. The Forest Pygmy Goat does not exist.
Action: Get one anyway.

15. We will advertise some positions: Promotions, Library, Night Managing,
Events, Politics.

16. If interested, speak to Ryan.

17. There's no business. Goodbye.