V A Working Group 29th January 2009

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V A Working Group 29th January 2009

Post by michaelbowdidge » Thu Jan 29, 2009 8:37 pm

Present: Emi, Martin, Matias, Mike, Mirja, Melanie, Stephen

Apologies: Simone

Agenda points:

Promotion: How we are doing?

Posters were distributed at the meeting for putting up in various places. It was suggested that it might be useful to make either A4 posters or flyers for venues that might not want A3 posters. It was also suggested that it would be good to put a list of venues on the BB that might take posters, and then divide it up amongst ourselves. The posters are also on the BB so that people can print them themselves as required.

Festival: What are we doing?

We need to think about what we’re doing in relation the EAF form (due on the 02.03.09), Four one week slots agreed, with the possibilities of performances in between or on the ‘late night’. Mirja said that she might be interested in looking after this. Satirical text as a possibility for the programme? Also who wants to go the EAF night?

Gallery cupboard locks: everyone thinks they are great; the combination is (censored). Also, maybe time to have a clear out of the cupboards (again). Might be an idea to fit little bolts inside the doors to keep them a bit better closed.

Budget suspension

It’s possible that we might have to suspend the budget temporarily / for the time being. The possibility of a charity auction as a fundraiser was suggested.

Any other business?

Two week slot for a VA committee show? Beginning of July? For further discussion on the bb

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