Action Group, Sunday 1st Feb

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Action Group, Sunday 1st Feb

Post by milk » Sun Feb 01, 2009 9:03 pm

Present; Milk, Nix, Taskin, Maria, Nerea, Ida, Marian, Paulo, Marcos

Apologies; Blue, Graeme


* Workshops
* Forest bikes
* Action Room
* DIY Edinburgh fest.

* Workshops
-- There is a propsed Italian workshop
-- Starting not this week but the week after
-- Ida reports all other workshops are going fine
-- What's happening with the hall when the leccy is off?
-- Nix notes the bike generator could be available for use, though requiring pedal power. Also charting batteries downstairs for use in equipment for the hall (CD player).
-- Language workshops to happen in the crafty room. Two electric heaters to be moved to the crafty room
-- Workshops in the gallery? Visual arts WG not keen on this. Marcos wondering what alternatives could be used? Possible exception for two hours in the gallery? Else, in the red room or crafty room?
-- Nix advises that workshops can get free promo material reproduction done with the Forest photocopiers.

-- Stitch and bitch is coming baaaack! There's an event for the DIY fest, to return regularly in the crafty room

-- 15 GDP a month to rent a sax for Marcos' workshop? Three people are learning at the moment. This hasn't really been done before - that is workshops getting a regular stipend. Workshops budgets hasn't really been used much as of late. Is also looking for monies for December and January. While retrospect budget aprovals are normally not done, Marcos tried to ask before and wasn't told to put the request on the BB. We agree that on this occasion we should pay for the previous months
-- Guitar workshop - Nerea to donate her guitar to the forest workshop. Nix recommends for workshop user only, not jamming, etc.
-- Bike generator workshop - 8 people at the first workshop, has spent 30 GDP on materials so far. Nix would like another 30 GDP for the next two months. Proposal passed.
-- Ballet workshop? Bar to go in the hall? Other dance workshops would be able to use it. Nix' proposal - doing it for cheap could be possible, maybe reclaimed second hand wood, possibly for 30 GDP? Proposal passed
-- Drumgasm workshop. Weekly drum circle.
-- Paulo would like to start up drum station again. We are happy with this.
-- Saber saw blades for the hank drum workshop?

-- Workshop responsibles to advise workshop co-ordinator 48 hours before hand if the workshop isn't going to run, the co-ordinator to advertise this fact

* Forest bikes
-- Someone new needs to take on forest bikes. Also, a weekly forest bike fixing session would be good.

* Action Room
-- Co-ordinator is Roman. Room is dirty again, people need to help tidy.
-- Where are the computers to go? Craft room x 1, Shop x 1? No public access to the shop certainly, FWG access to keys through builsing/shop manager. Printer/photocopier to go to the admin room.

* DIY Edinburgh fest.
-- Happening next weekend, programme is sorted. Action group to work out the rota so there's a responsible person around to help the workshop's happen.

* Forest Tools Workshop
-- Cleaning the workshop. The Bike generator have been doing some cleaning but they won't be there for ever.

**** Action points
-- Nix to find a battery operated CD player by 7th of Feb.
-- Nerea & nix - Make a lost drum poster.
-- Nix t complete the bike toolkit
-- Nerea to organise a forest bike workshop
-- All vollies with bikes to make sure they're returned sorted
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Re: Action Group, Sunday 1st Feb

Post by ChaoticReality » Sun Feb 01, 2009 9:31 pm

Shit. I was asleep.

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Re: Action Group, Sunday 1st Feb

Post by graeme » Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:11 pm

What voltage of portable CD player?
I have one that runs off 4 aa batteries if you want it.

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Re: Action Group, Sunday 1st Feb

Post by graeme » Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:14 pm

And I can help with Forest bikes on Wednesdays and some weekends.

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