Visual Arts 26/02/2009

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Visual Arts 26/02/2009

Post by stephengoodall » Thu Feb 26, 2009 9:36 pm

Present: Mike, Emi, Martin, Simone, Melanie, Mirja, Stephen

Gallery Renovation

Martin has posted a list of stuff to be done in the gallery, this weekend is a perfect oppertunity to make the place look shiney.

AP All to pop in at weekend to help out where possible.


Still work to do to get an effective system in place
Practice will make perfect.

We will get new EVS soon, maybe promotion for the gallery could be a good project for some to be involved in.

AP Stephen to post list on BB of places where posters should go
AP All to try to think of good projects for EVS to get involved in.


we should put out a call for submissions- key points: one week shows, quick set up/take down. Deadline for April VAWG meeting.

We should also invite submissions- theatre folk and WTCDTD

Also we should start thinking of doing the nightime art thing on the 27th- could be fun and does not have to be in the gallery. Maybe if the theatre people are in they would like to do something.

AP Mirja to look into writing a call for submissions text
AP Martin to make sure EAF proposal is submitted correctly and on time.

Use of Gallery Space

The can/cannot poster now says gallery should not be used as a rehearsal space rather than social space- this is better. Jugglers musicians should not be using the space, generally anything that prevents the normal function of the gallery should be avoided.


Emi is leaving :cry: . Melanie will take over the email :) .

AP Emi to pass on the login details and show the ropes.

Info for Artists

Needs to be altered.

AP Simone to alter.

Submissions: no new shows booked in.
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