artists facilities 5th march 2009

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artists facilities 5th march 2009

Post by simone » Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:52 pm

Artists Facilities 5/3/09

present: nix, simone, dai, alex

agenda: balconies
cafe sound system
screen printing

the balconies are not being left in a good state after the bike generator workshops. nix apologizes and will make sure that this is sorted by next weds when there is the next bike generator meeting. will make sure gangway left clear in future.
forest bikes was being looked after by nerea and matthias, new person being looked for.
nix to clear his balcony space by the 13th for the electricians.
gareth and kirstins space being used by evs currently to do tables, as they are now leaving they will have space and start using it when elec back on.

cafe sound system
sound team is now in place. there had been problems always ensuring there was always a sound engineer around but new rota and it is full for next couple of weeks.
all equipment working.

screen printing
need a bottom liner for screen printing who will come to meeting. talk to martin and stephen about this.
nix has some t shirts that he can donate that can be printed on.
merchandise for shop will be discussed at next shop meeting. was decided to give £100 from artists facilities budget, when budgets back up and running.

next meeting april 2nd
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