Behind the Scenes 16/04/2009 8pm

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Behind the Scenes 16/04/2009 8pm

Post by stephengoodall » Tue Apr 14, 2009 6:34 am


I'm afraid i won't be able to be at this meeting.

Is anyone else available to bottomline it?

My action points from last time were to contact the folk we have recently awarded grants to and look into the format for a charity agm.

i have contacted the grants folk- some people have got back to me and sent some images and info.

I have looked into the charity agm stuff but haven't got very far- what i have found out i will send to emma via email.

Is there anything for the agenda?
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Re: Behind the Scenes 16/04/2009 8pm

Post by Emma » Tue Apr 14, 2009 1:46 pm


I'm happy to facilitate on Thurs but would struggle to do the minutes this week. Can someone else manage?

Agenda points:

Shop - In particular shop manager. Sadly Ida is leaving at end of May and think we should discuss what to do when she goes. Also getting more volunteers in general to keep it open longer hours esp through the Beltane ticket selling period.

Money update - general update on where we are.

Charity AGM update - I've had a v busy month so not done much here. I'll hopefully get a wee bit of time today to look at this.

Grants - We could do with someone to help research and apply for grants. We know of a few that could look into applying for but short on time.


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Re: Behind the Scenes 16/04/2009 8pm

Post by neil » Thu Apr 16, 2009 10:57 pm


Present: Ida, Emma, Neil

1. Shop
2. Money
3. FWG meetings
4. Charity AGM
5. APs from last meeting

Ida has been doing a great job managing the shop. It’s been making more money recently. However, Ida is leaving soon and so she must abandon shop. We will need to find a new manager, possibly more than one. Managing the shop is hard and a big job for one person. Ida has had valuable support from Emma & Nix, but apart from that has been on her own faced with a lot of responsibility. This could be a shared position for 2 people, possibly one EVS and one who is not. Ideally the same people would keep doing the job for at least 3-6 months. Responsibilities include: managing shop staff, curating/arranging stock, promotion, paperwork, contacting artists.
AP: Ida to put the word out about finding staff/manager for shop

Situation is still bad. Very bad. Bills keep coming in. EVS money also about to come in, which will help. 3 more EVS peeps approved to come in June.
Fundraiser is coming up soon
Takings appear to be slightly better in last 6 weeks or so. Stimulus/austerity plan appears to be working. People need to keep on being careful about stuff!
Liquor license crucial to maintain liquidity through the summer. Lynne is working flat out on this. She & Ryan are attending meetings making our case to the council. Council/police are watching us to make sure we comply with all their rules & regs. We need to watch ourselves and be good!

FWG meetings
FWG meets are not happening frequently enough. They keep getting put off because people can never agree on a time that suits all. This = v.bad organisation/communication and multiplies stress of admin staff who do not have system/support to feed back into. Need regular, fixed time for meetings & should be able to get something that is do-able for most people most of the time. Saturdays bad, especially mornings. Weekend generally bad. 2nd Weds of month suggested as time which is not too close to other WG meets. What do people think about 7.30 or 8pm?
Next meeting needed soon as planned money crisis follow up meeting never happened and we are still in crisis!
AP: forward to FWG for high-level executive decision

Charity AGM
This would be good to get organised sometime as it would help folk to know what’s going on. Admins are tentatively on it, though Lynne is currently snowed under with license application stuff and Emma is awash in EVS forms. Laters.

APs from last meeting
Mike was going to do something about computers switching off to save power. Any news, Mike?

Taskin trying to get nudy calendar ready to sell at fundraiser. Almost there!

Neil looked up charitable trusts. Many can be found via google. Most are not suitable for our purposes, or we are not suitable for theirs. But the are a few out there which have potential and may give us lots of money. The application process is usually long and arduous, but Emma may have what it takes. When she has more time, she will try to move ahead with this. Unless someone wants to volunteer to have a go at applying for grants…

That is all.

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Re: Behind the Scenes 16/04/2009 8pm

Post by ChaoticReality » Fri Apr 17, 2009 3:09 am

neil wrote: APs from last meeting
Mike was going to do something about computers switching off to save power. Any news, Mike?
Sorry I couldn't make this, had to be at a work meeting :(

I am currently in the middle of a rolling process of fixing machines, working on the Admin computers at present. Action room should be done this weekend/next week.


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