Behind the Scenes - 17 June 2009

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Behind the Scenes - 17 June 2009

Post by Emma » Thu Jun 18, 2009 9:46 pm

Neil, Milk, Gavin, Anna, Lynne, Gareth, Mike, Emma
(Tove, Kata, Stephen P and Stephen M - joined for free shop discussion)
Alex came later

We started with lots of great chat about how to do minutes and use computers etc.


Discussed storage for the shop. Anna needs more space for stock as has lots of unsold stock. Suggested if its for Golden Hour (as loads of records in shop) then perhaps could be stored upstairs in the Pig Box with other publishing things.
Anna to speak with Ryan about using this.
Anna also finding it difficult to track stock thats taken away and wants to make a system to track what's what.
Needs more different stock for push for Festival.
Anna wants to have shop signs for gates - Lynne to phone fire dept to check if this is allowed.
Emma mentioned that Hannah (new EVS) also working on shop project so will be helping Anna. Also EVS will help staff the shop and we should get it open 7 days. We also started chatting about Hannah's other role as vollie coordinator. Agreed it would be great to have this and other roles on the BB. Emma will be discussing this with Hannah when she arrives.

Free shop

Discussed whether it would be a good thing to have a permanent shop.
Cons - attracts WFs, its a nightmare to keep tidy.
Pros - its brilliant and everyone loves it.
Gareth suggested using the gallery space between shows to have a massive free shop. Lots of people loved this but question over whether those days have happened cos people have cancelled. Gareth then discussed using the hall. All agreed this is a good solution but needs to happen frequently. Stephen P said using Sundays and having an event happening worked well before the few times it was on in cafe. BUT this needs a team.
Anna summarised problems and main one is storage.
Tove confirmed -
Space needs to be kept clean and tidy.
Putting out and managing the free shop is a big job and easier with a team.
Mike had idea about an in box area for free shop separate from the cupboard.
Stephen mentioned that some of the boxes/bags that arrive are just full of rubbish.
Milk suggested dating things and then if something doesn't go after 4 weeks then should be chucked.
Anna had an idea - have it on a Sunday and everyone bring in and run swap shop. Remove the concept of Forest storing. Lots of people like idea and discussed how to make it happen.
Conversation went on for ages so Mike suggested we move discussion to another meeting and get team together. He will arrange with Tove.

Building security

Neil summarised break in situation. He has now fixed windows. But said that night managers must try to remember end of night checks - closing windows, checking doors and ensuring upstairs is secure. Gareth has nominated himself as night manager rep and will take on action to keep NMs informed and remind them to do specifics. Gareth will rewrite checklist summarising actions. Security and switching things off are important tasks. Mike mentioned that he had set up action room computers to automatically switch off after midnight but someone disabled. He will get it set up again. Lynne mentioned that people staffing the hall like to hang out in action room using the computer so we need a way to let them continue to use them. Mike is on it!


Milk having a web team meeting this Sunday at 7pm, focus will be on removing the bugs and doing other computery things that this minuter didn't grasp. Mike is helping. Lynne apologised for not sending hall info as does not know details yet as related to license application.


Neil to talk KMs about future of recycling.


Emma updated on charity actions. We are due to have a general meeting. Suggested that we amalgamate this meeting with a FWG meeting. Everyone was happy with this on the proviso that this can be open to all who wish to attend. Emma to bring up this suggestion at the next FWG meeting and arrange dates etc.

Church door sign

Alex mentioned that people were hanging out in the doorway and requested we make a sign discouraging people. Gareth is going to make a sign asking people not to sit in doorway.

Reviving the Grants

To be discussed at next BTS meeting.

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Re: Behind the Scenes - 17 June 2009

Post by milk » Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:39 pm

To elaborate on my suggestion;

This is going on the assumption that there will be a free shop event in the cafe on every Sunday afternoon and that there is a temporary drop of point/shelving in the corner of the action room (between the mirror and window) so that the freeshop cupboard (and corridor outside it) is kept neat and legal.

There would be a 4 week rotation of free shop items. If it's not taken in 4 weeks, it goes. Imagine 16 open-topped plastic boxes (something like the type Tesco use to put their shopping bags in for home delivery vans, circa A3 sized). 4 are Red, 4 Green, 4 Yellow and 4 Blue - one colour group for each week. The item is stored in one of the large plastic boxes, the colour of which depending on the week it comes in, with 2 boxes for clothes, one for books, one for misc hardware (kitchen, techy, etc).

(note this is a suggested number of boxes, but sounds about right)

On the Sunday, all boxes are put on the stage, along with items from the temp drop off point. People take things. At the end of the event, the box group - say Red - for that week that still has stuff left (i.e., stuff that has been waiting to be taken for a month) has its items taken out and donated to a charity shop/sent to a recycling company/thrown out. Things left from the drop off point are put into the Red boxes and those are returned to the shelves in the freeshop cupboard (along with the Green boxes that have, at that point, 'one week left', the Blue that have 'two weeks left' and Yellow that have 'three weeks left').
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Re: Behind the Scenes - 17 June 2009

Post by milk » Sat Jun 20, 2009 3:24 pm

"Gareth has nominated himself as night manager rep"

Garest - could you pretty please collate phone numbers for a new 'Night Manager contact details' thread in the private NM forum? thanks!
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