Artist Facilities - 7 August 09

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Artist Facilities - 7 August 09

Post by milk » Fri Aug 07, 2009 6:14 pm

Present: Ilaria, Shane, Pioter, Milk, Elodie, Nix, Sam, Stephen, Chris

* Sound team rotas
* Sound equipment for cafe
* Projector in cafe
* Forest arts festival
* Screen printing
* Tech equipment storage
* Cave update
* Changing room + equipment strage

* Sound team rotas

Nix asks if there is a rota for the sound team for the ahll. Elodie confirms, will put it up on the wall.

* Sound equipment in cafe

Nix - we need a day to confirm the sound team area/etc is finished. Clutter / broken cables to sort? Fan - Nix wonders if it can be on the table. Elodie - it's really required for the kitchen. Shane - scould it be tilted down if on the table? Ila - get a second fan?

Nix - proposal - buy a small/medium sized fan, wall mounted for kitchen, big fan aimed at the room.

Nix; Labling cables + equipment lists would be good. Nix will be away, wants to get this done.

Nix proposal; buy reusable cable ties.

AP - Milk; buy reusable cable ties, couple of hundred larger ones.

Sorting out the DJ mixer? One channel is only in mono.

AP - Sort out the mixer, Nix, Shane, Monday afternoon. Ila to book the cafe from 1-4pm.

* Projector in cafe

Nix has put the new projector in the cafe. Same old connections. VGA extension cable has gone missing, someone needs to find it so laptops can sit near the sound desk. Should work automatically with both the projector and dvd player. Nix to give a training session at 1pm tomorrow. Also going to create an instruction sheet at the same time.

* Forest arts festival

Nix pimps his forestARTfest project. Wants to get more art into The Forest, on the walls, etc, (not the cafe, TK or the hall). Milk; isn't this a major part of FoH's remit, i.e., soliciting for new art for the walls of the space every six months or so? Nix advises this isn't the case and that he has been organising this through the paint@ address for a while now. Nix hopes this will pick up again, and maybe FoH will take it over, who knows.. Nix isn't sure about the situation of the budget - artists will require paint/etc materials for this to happen before the end of the festival. Nix is going to compile guidelines for the artist; respect fire exits, don't leave crap out, etc. Artists will sign this.

Nix; do we agree on this? People seem to. Might change the remit of what the 'forest art festival' is looking for. Where to put up posters for it? Elodie to check with the Forest Fringe people if they want to put anything on the walls.

Milk; Gah, why are working group remits so confusing. Couldn't the Visual Arts Working Group be renames to Total Kunst Working Group? And Front of House deals only with the cafe, leaving the rest of the public spaces in the cafe to be dealt with by.. er..

AF members to be empowered to say if art is crap or not

Recommendation for pain supplies; rapidonline

* Screen printing; Stephen; Screen printing - t-shirts and bags should be ready for the ghost party. Screenprinting workshops to start again in September

* Tech equipment storage

Action Room clean out will be happening on Sunday. Nix will speak with the EUS about the possability of doing something with their stuff.

Nix proposal; Get some kind of hopefully lockable shelving in the corner of the action room where the shelving used to be.

* Cave update

Forest Fringe moving in from the 14th?

* Changing room + equipment storge

Cave can be the changing room/equipment room until the 14th. Crafty after this date? To be discussed at the action working group meeting on Sunday.
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