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Postby Ila » Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:59 pm

Monday 17th August

1pm till 10pm in Hall – Forest Fringe

10pm – 3am in Hall – Lysimachos DJ

9pm - 10pm in Café - Spencer
Singer songwriter.

10pm - 3am in Café - White Heath
& Friends
Live bands and jams

Tuesday 18th August

6pm - 7pm in Café - Niki Stitch and Friends
Acoustic spiritual folk singer.

8pm - 3am in Café - Drama Drama Drama Group - The blue church of toast!

10pm - 3am in Hall - Mud Sun
Hip hop / rap / experimental bands

Wednesday 19th August

6pm - 7pm in Café - Danny Mullins

7pm - 8pm in Café - Gramophone Hour

8pm - 3am in Café - GOLDEN HOUR
The Festival Special

10pm - 3am in Hall - Single Cell
A music collective based in Manchester, UK.

Thursday 20th August

9pm - 12am in Café - Juli Crockett & Evangenitals
The Evangenitals will be joined by: Steph Macleod, P00kah, Glasgow Glam Bangers and Acoustic Butterfly

11pm - 3am in Hall - Twisted DJ Night

11:30pm - 3am in Café - Bristol Branch

Friday 21st August

11pm - 3am in Hall - LUCKY 7
Ska and reggae night with DJs Laurent, Tall Paul & Robigan

8pm – 3am in Cafè– Chandra & Friends

Saturday 22nd August

1pm - 3am in Café - Unique Beats v1.5 Fringe Festival Electro Orgy
17 names - check the line up at the web.

11pm - 3am in Hall - Biggery Fuckery

Sunday 23rd August

3pm - 3pm in Café - Forest Vine Quartet
Classical music

7pm - 8:30pm in Café - The Tuberians
Roots music / alternative / folk rock

9pm - 3am in Café - White Heath & Friends
White Heath will bring to you the music of: Mayhew, The Wintergreens and Ruby & The Emeralds.

10pm - 3am in Hall - Enfant Bastard & ART FAG
A night of antifolk / circuit bending / 8bit chip tune / noise

Forest Fringe theatre programme
every days from Monday till the end of August

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Postby milk » Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:30 pm

fantastic, although could i ask you please post the programme as a news item on the new website? frankly, it's more important it goes there than on the BB. i'll post this one, but thanks very much :)

p.s. would it be possible to update events that have been added to the site if circumstances change? http://theforest.org.uk/event/white-hea ... s-and-jams had the location down as being in the hall - i've changed it to the café.

thanks again!
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