Cafe and Events 10 September

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Cafe and Events 10 September

Post by swithun » Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:27 pm

Present: Scout, Stephen, Matti, Hannah, Tove, Gavin, Pomme, Swithun, Ila, Julie, Kata, Hannah

New menu

Too spicy according to frank, ila agrees. scout thinks there could be some
cheap and easy pasties to buy/make (AP)

Cut down on the spicy soups

Not evident enough that cafe is volunteer run

Matti wants to design new menu, hannah and tove do content (AP)

NATO welcoming party

Organisers would like to know if they could use hall/action room during events. [sensitive subject, hush hush] Scout will get more info from dudes and forward it ot FWG.

Volunteer guide

Milk has done a lot, Hannah too. There is lots of text. On wiki.

Regular induction days an idea. How frequent? Fortnightly. Would it be
compulsory prior to volunteering? Or recommended but there can be
exceptions. Don't want to stop people from volunteering.

For first shift, should be short one, during day and with someone else.

Stephen is working on interactive table top oracle things that will inform
people about the Forest.

Find out about what is legally reguired - ask Lynne and Emma. Health and
safety. (AP Scout, Hannah, Tove)

Film night

Ila wants to have a few people picking films, but still open to suggestions.
Run by EVS.
Stephen wonders if we can organise a few months in advance. Something to
think about. Would be good.

Swithun says that there shouldn't be too many people picking films. Person
in charge of film should be NM - easier to run night.

Make it easier for people to submit their own films (by post).


EVS should get tips when they NM, says Matti. People agree.

External kitchen

Could use another kitchen to make food. But would need to store large
quantities, or make things once a week. Nix asked Matti to bring this up.

Crafty Room (CR)

What is going to happen to Blue's stuff that is in the CR? Maybe it isn't
his. There are ideas for things to do with room.

Which WG does CR belong to? Action WG is not happening. Give it to AF!

Free shop (FS)

FS could be stored in CR. Would be easier to move to cafe once a week. But
don't want it spilling everywhere.

When it worked, it was on Sunday, people could only drop stuff off then.
Crap was collected by Shelter on Tuesday. But need more publicity and
information. Helpful to next people if you pack things away in an organised

Have timetable for CR. When bands want to store stuff, we will know if they
can use CR.

Stephen will make publicity (AP).

Volunteer/fresher fairs

Tove and Julie on this.


Bands want to leave their stuff overnight. Take contact details. But there
is stuff that has been left here for ages. Need somewhere safe, but can't be
responsible for it. Use communication book to let next days's staff know.
List of equipment, description of people.

Would use CR. But this is full of other stuff. Ask Blue/Robin if we can
use/tidy this space.

Don't think that many bands will want to do this. But good to have procedure.

Ila will look into this and report back.

Asazi wants to make CD. This is a job for Forest Records. Stephen knows
something about this, but isn't telling.

Greetings from Cardiff, clarts.

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Re: Cafe and Events 10 September

Post by milk » Sat Sep 12, 2009 10:16 am

Crafty room

Action WG is defo happening this sunday. crafty room is a workshop room (and sometimes a volunteer hang/chill-out room, although it was decided at it's inception that this should definitely not be it's main focus) and this Action WG.

if people want to do things with it, they should turn up to the action WG, the next one being this sunday at 7pm, action room!

as far as i'm aware, the stuff stored in the back cupboard includes a lot of drama drama drama props/costumes, although it needs to be more organised and space for storage for other workshops would be fairer.

Cut down on the spicy soups

yes please!

NATO welcoming party

i feel this should be an action working group issue as well is meant to deal with community actions and dealing with the action room.

i was always under the impression that the 'events' in 'cafe and events' related to events in the cafe (so those with an interest in the cafe could have involvement with what events happen in the cafe).

but, hey, it's fantastic things are happening on this!

Volunteer guide

the text i've worked on can be found here.

the formatting there should be ignored. there will be a general "forest who/what/where/how/why" version and also a quick access guide for kitchen vollies with text taken from the relevant section.

if ANYONE has ANY thoughts on how the text could sound better, please just click the edit button and dive in. BE BOLD. assume the reader will be someone with very little knowledge of the forest. add information for the areas of the forest you are involved with. copyedit. add some character without loosing the point. please join in and help!

Stephen is working on interactive table top oracle things that will inform people about the Forest.

sounds fantastic! can't wait to see :)
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