Artist Facilities Meeting 2/12 2009 minutes

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Artist Facilities Meeting 2/12 2009 minutes

Post by Julie » Wed Dec 02, 2009 9:05 pm

Artist Facilities Meeting 2/12 2009

Present: Julie, Dylan, Frank, Hamish, Sam, Lucia, Jimmie, Grant, Stephen KM, Nix, Sascha

AP= Action point


TechTeam: welcoming Julie as Bottomliner and finding out how best to help her help us have a coherent team.

Cave: Action Plan! and Who is the new Cave Bottomliner?

Darkroom Update!

Screenprint Update!
Studios Update!

Forest PA hire

The meeting:

TechTeam: welcoming Julie as Bottomliner and finding out how best to help her help us have a coherent team.

get more sound engineers
The name might be changed… the proposal is AudioVisual Team (covering sounddesks PA, Cave equipment, Sound Rota)
Workshop for fixing stuff 13th December 2-9pm in Hall
Workshop for sound engineering in January

AP: Julie

Cave: Action Plan! and Who is the new Cave Bottomliner?

We need new carpet
AP: Nix will get it THIS WEEK

Where should we put the instruments? Now, after the meeting, we will go down and plan it.

Hooks for cables needs fitted in the wall- AP: Ken and Nix
Booking calendar: proposal: online booking and registration.
AP:Nix will speak to Martin Ling or Mike. Done before next meeting

MembershipCards should be made. Name, phone, email, membership number goes on them.
AP: Nix

To get the Cave key people should hand in their card.

Users should register and be inducted - to check if they are able to use the space respectfully and safe.
Induction should be held once a week.

Whats should we do about the broken equipment: fix it the 13th December 2009 2-9pm in hall
What is broken? Mixer - 1 channel broken, One of the PA, 2 marshall guitar amps
We need: 2-3 mics, 3 stands,
AP: Nix for the mic and mic stands and speaker stands (speak to Chris about that).

AP: Nix will poke Ken Smiley

AP: Nix and Julie - carefully marked and labelled equipment storage area

Key: sign in and sign out at the KM…In exchange for the membership card

Rent for the space: 5 pound per hour.
No pay, no play!

Idea: A cupboard in the cave for storage of private things… it should be locked and a few number of people shall have the key. Forest can rent out lockable space for 40 pound or something like that.

Aim: it should be a recording space.

Noise problem… the ceiling needs sound proofing… how? Grants? It will cost 900 pound, more or less. We will discuss this at the next meeting.

AP: Get the Cave up and going: Hamish, Sam, Grant, Frank, Stephen KM, Nix

Bottomliner: Grant
The responsibilities of the Cave bottomliner
To make shure that the booking system is working (Nix will poke Mike)
Info on forest website is up to date
To induct new members (Hamish can maybe help out - are they wf? Can they use the gear in a safe way, one person per 4 members in a band needs induction)
Making member ship cards
All equipment shall be working or being replaced if not.
Come to or report to Artist Facilities meeting
The bottomliner gets free cave time - one hour volunteering to one hour, max 5 hours per week


Darkroom Update!
It is completely ready.
All old members have been contacted.
Proposal: Keys # 3-4 copies, Lucia looks after them
If you want to get involved, contact Lucia or Martin
Induction of newcomers needed!

Cards for membership,
AP: Nix will order more cards and Lucia will help making them.

Screenprint Update!
We got a grant for the silk screen…
Use: Making merchandise for Forest, forest records, forest publishing, TotalKunst, posters

When the building works start, what should be done to move silk screen to crafty room?
AP: Stephen KM will figure out what needs being done

Studios Update!
Simon will move in next week.
Jess and Jemima have not done their volunteering.
Everyone has paid their rent.
Another studio may become available soon.

Forest PA hire
Saturday Forest will hire out the PA to some people (Ryan knows who)
Proposal: They shall replace it if they destroy it. Make them sign a paper saying this.
AP: Nix

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Re: Artist Facilities Meeting 2/12 2009 minutes

Post by ChaoticReality » Thu Dec 03, 2009 6:12 pm

We decided several meetings ago that we weren't going to focus on developing the cave as a recording space right now but just as a practice room.

When are we going to make a decision about this and stick to it?

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Re: Artist Facilities Meeting 2/12 2009 minutes

Post by milk » Thu Dec 03, 2009 9:49 pm

so the Tech Team is not the Audio & Visual Team (AV Team) for sure?

is Grant on the BB? if someone could ask him to contact me so i can setup a user account on the website with editing/posting rights, thanks.

same with the Darkroom folk - if they want to edit or post info/news/events on the new website, get them to contact me and i'll set them up the bomb.

i think it's easier for the cave to be a practice room. people use that. a recording studio aspect has always been an aim imo, it's just getting the impetus/money to do the proper preparations for setting this up, i.e., soundproofing, and after that, getting the equipment setup all ready (we have desks. we have a DAW. even better would be a top spec computer with a low noise floor and a kick ass soundcard with multiple ins/outs) and getting people trained to use it.

i just saw peter in The Forest earlier so he should be able to clear out his studio now.
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Re: Artist Facilities Meeting 2/12 2009 minutes

Post by élodie » Sat Dec 12, 2009 3:54 pm

Good minutes :D

Even if, I am in France, I think I can give my feelings on the bb, especially about the Cave ;)

I really hope that the Cave will be open soon as possible for the Artists. When I left, we just needed a carpet and a bottom liner!

I agree for the membership card! No pay, no play! YES!!!

Can I add something? For the AudioVisual team, don't forget the lights field! Since August we have a nice area for the light in the Hall. It was a pleasure to make the light there. I am sure people who are interested in this field could improve their knowledge at the Forest.

Please, send me some pictures when the Cave will be ready!


Elo x

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Re: Artist Facilities Meeting 2/12 2009 minutes

Post by neil » Sat Dec 12, 2009 9:01 pm

To get the Cave key people should hand in their card
There is the problem of people coming to the kitchen and saying "I've forgotten my card... please give me the key... I have booked the cave." This is shit for kitchen staff. It wastes their time listening to the person and they don't know whether to trust them or not. If they fuck up, shit gets stolen.

Consider something like this. We thought about getting one a while ago. I don't know why we didn't. System = no fob, no entry. Can also have an entry code for use along with the fob for extra security.

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