Volunteering tasks Outside the Kitchen

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Volunteering tasks Outside the Kitchen

Post by nix » Sun Feb 07, 2010 12:27 pm

Dear Volunteers,

There are many ways to add your strength to the Forest ... below is a list of current tasks that need doing and the person to contact about them. Please speak up if there are tasks you think need done.

Artists Facilities:

Offer support to the woodwork and tools team, helping tidy and organise tools. - Speak to Rachel or Jude - tools@theforest

Research soundproofing possibilities for The Cave. - speak to Grant or Nix - cave@theforest

Research possibilities of S/H pianos on freecycle - ebay - ect. - speak to Julie or Nix - sound@theforest

Help with the compiling and publishing of the "Forest Volunteering Guides". speak to Nix - paint@theforest

help with the construction of the new Screen-print Facility - speak to Stevie screenprint@theforest

Front of House:

Help with the house plants in the cafe - speak with Kata or Cornelia foh@theforest

Painters and Decorators needed. There are things to paint.
clean and prepare the windowsills in the cafe.
paint the window sills in the cafe.
Actionroom and Hall doors.
Masonry out front.
woodwork out front.

There are always Artists Opportunities within the FoH. ... Decorating tables, Designing and making lighting, painting murals, sourcing and restoring furniture, ... and so much more. Speak to Kata or Cornelia - foh@theforest or if about painting, then Nix - paint@theforest

Cafe & Events

Help with the distribution of posters and promotional materials. speak with Ilaria events@theforest

General Forest:

deep clean of the stairs and vestibule - speak to the KM on duty.

there are many wee building and carpentry/joinery tasks to do! if you got the time and skills -- speak to Nix - paint@theforest


There are many ways to help out Forest ... all volunteers get Food and Drink whilst volunteering and the famous 'volunteer discount' for a week after.

Thanks! Happy Volunteering!

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Re: Volunteering tasks Outside the Kitchen

Post by Hannah » Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:42 pm

Nix, this is great, thanks for making this list. I'll take it to the volunteer meeting today!

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Re: Volunteering tasks Outside the Kitchen

Post by celia » Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:33 pm

If you'd like to get involved with Old Hat Books, the radical library in the front room, please come along to one of our shifts and chat to us about it! We're always in need of volunteers and any commitment is welcome. We have meetings once a month, love organising events (open readings, workshops, fundraising gigs and film nights) and enjoy meeting new friendly book-lovers! We'll give you an induction and won't leave you alone on a shift until you feel confident. Next meeting Weds 10th Feb, come along!

Our shift times are:

Monday 4-8pm
Weds 4-8pm
Sat 4-8pm

If nobody is there it means we need you even more!

See you there!

Celia - OHB

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