Cafe and events minutes 8th march 2010

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Cafe and events minutes 8th march 2010

Postby Stephen » Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:54 pm


anne sophie
stephen p

Agenda points

project beano
Sanding floors
Prices of food
Event types, dj/live music
Equipment use at events
Sound team action day
Cups and pots

Project Beano..

Kata... Nix has got some beanos (old comic) suggestion for toilet, tullals work not really finished, also more vandalism.
stephen... was at place in sweeden graffiti on top of posters looked okay we could just keep adding to the posters and beanos.
anne sophie... blackboard paint other ideas...
stephen... we will be redoing the toilets... point if we build more...
Scout...Beano idea good
Stevie.. proposes that we could use the beano as a background and the add to it with tags posters etc..
Anna sophie... how would it work
Would other people post stuff...should we have wallpaper paste etc...

Sub point by stevie...people who put on nights dont seem to make so many posters... should we have a poster making workshop... gimp photocopier etc... once every two weeks etc

? how to try to encourage

catalinia... do we have an archive...

Ap... all down with the idea of the beanos
.......when will the toilets happen

Will the toilets happen the same time as sanding the floors...

Ap is any one up for doing the toilets with beanos......Maybe 4 - 6 hours work with 3 people

Stephen..... yes and no, maybe we could try and ask some old heads etc, who are working on the x birthday compendium...
Lets have beano meeting soon
If people want to do it and have the time and energy and are not to precious about their creation have a beano meeting... kata and anne sophie are up for it... so is stevie kinda of, likes doesn't have the time

Sanding floors....

This should be tied with the toilet redoing...
Possibly mid may etc when possible....
It will happen....
If the toilet rebuilding is postponed we will go ahead and sand the cafe...and maybe hall,

Price of food

We are busier but our profit margin is the same

Stephen... when did we last raise the prices, since i have been hear the cost of nearly all our produce has increased due to economic factors...
Anne sophie. streamlining portion sizes
Stephen. kitchen managers should get together and talk about this....and night managers
... we should work a fancy salad making guide
We need to arrange a day for this...
Pictures of stuff etc

KM's will get together to standardise portions etc

We will have a pricing meeting soon to work out rough ingredient costs of meals vs sale price etc etc


will this ever happen.... we should hold doing the menus until the price is changed

Events Dj vs live bands

cafe and events can not condone the creation of a hierarchy of kinds of events, however we can encourage forest people to work together to create the most kick arse mother fucking events they can.

Also we do not have a licence to play copy write music.

Scoutt suggests an events advice hotline

Equipment. put it back

Cups and pots

Organisation of pots etc
we need some more cups mugs etc,

Catalina ...spare teapots post on bb
bloo is going to ask his mate and gave us some nice truffels, emm, meeting is now finished

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Re: Cafe and events minutes 8th march 2010

Postby swithun » Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:37 pm

I believe I may speak with a certain amount of authority on the subject of nachos. With the grill on the middle shelf, the full plate of nachos should fit under and not burn. Putting the shelf too high, you can't get a decent serving, and too low and you end up with something that Desperate Dan would have to share, nice though that can be.

Dual pricing for nachos could be good. I wouldn't want to get a smaller helping when paying the regular price. But giving people the option of having a smaller helping would save my heart from breaking as cold congealed soggy chips, salsa, cheese and sour cream go in the bin uneaten. And I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for a consistently good sized portion.

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Re: Cafe and events minutes 8th march 2010

Postby nix » Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:53 pm

Lets have beano meeting soon

we will be redoing the toilets...
When we re-do the toilets, we will be adding 4 new cubicles in what is now the screenprint room, and will not be knocking down walls or anything structualy radical.
we will have the drawing within 2 weeks, then it takes a minimum of 2 months for a building warrant. then a few weeks to build.
... lets not let future building affect the reality of now. Beno a go-go!

should we have a poster making workshop... gimp photocopier etc... once every two weeks etc

I am willing to run one of these, .. I will find a day soon, book the Action Room and advertise it.

If the toilet rebuilding is postponed we will go ahead and sand the cafe...and maybe hall,

it is my feeling we should set a date for doing the cafe and the hall, before we get too busy ... and do it, we will not have to close during toilet works, so lets not wait for that. ... if we do sand the floors... lets do a proper good job on the varnishing, so we don't have to do it again so soon.

we should hold doing the menus until the price is changed

maybe no. we can do the donkey work, get the layout sorted and the funny captions, then just paste in the new prices and print the bastard. Lets do it. Soon.

What about the Tea Menu idea? ... if no-one stops me I'm gonna do it! thanks!

Scoutt suggests an events advice hotline
erm..? you mean make catalinas mobile number public? or get a special eventsphone? .. most events questions can be handled by KM's / EM's...

Equipment. put it back

easy said. how to make people do it is the question? Collective responsibility. You see someone move something, tell them to put it back. you see something in the wrong spot, put it back. please.



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