PROMO databases

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PROMO databases

Post by Ila » Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:10 am

Hi Folks

How is going at The Forest?
Finally, like I had anticipated to some of you, attached, you can find 2 files:

1) PROMO database_Events&TK

Here, there is a list of newspapers and magazines (printed and on-line) that can be contacted in order to do promotion 4 special events at The Forest (every kind of them: gigs, exhibitions and what have you like). There are, phone numbers, e-mail address, categories and some suggestions (see “notes” section)

2) VENUES MAP for Events&TK

A list of venues in where Giovanna and me went handing out flyers and posters. I couldn’t make a map but there are full address for each place.

I hope they can be useful to the Forest Community in order to promote its amazing stuff.

See ya soon
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