Committee Meeting Minutes 18 June 2006

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Committee Meeting Minutes 18 June 2006

Post by beev » Fri Jul 07, 2006 3:54 pm

present: Jo, Alice, Ras, Robin, Tim, Neil, Gareth, Nick, Magda


1. TK/August
2. Festival
3. Money for Annual
4. Fire Alarm/license application
5. Night Managers
6. IVS
7. AOB

1. and 3. Gallery? It’s use in August? TK will take care of. Or try to. 4 during the month. Cinema remains a murmured possibility.

Need 200 for catalog/web site for Annuale.

Use some of studio pot, in return for their help decorating. A 50/50 split.

Jo also disagreed with the decision made at the last meeting to scrap the TK name.

2. No booze. No upstairs. But we can still have a nice events space. Which means 1) a stage of some kind 2) Lighting. We also need creative ways of storing stuff- like getting rid of furniture (at least on a temporary basis), to ensure our fire exits are clear. And we should be better at using the space, announcing events etc.

Festival menu?
What kind of events?
There needs to be co-ordination.
Maybe we need a KP for the dish-washing.
What kind of managers should we have other than the usual KMs?

Plan to make 10,000 fliers for the Forest, before August, to get plenty of
volunteers and customers.

Meeting with Ryan when he gets back to work out some of this stuff.
Proper sub-committee of people actually interested in the festival.

Gold room needs to be redone. We should close for a few days and sort it
out. Budget of 60 quid.

ACTION: Next weekend close. Start transforming then.

Kinds of things: Old pictures. Records, letters, photos, Stuffed animals. Fairy lights. Chandeleirs. Old postcards. Old musical instruments. Typewriters. Old newspapers. Tapestries. Paint ceiling red. Mirrors. Frames. Anything old, interesting, nasty, tailors dummies, old dolls and their heads, candle holders. False teeth, bones, skeleton, pickled things, voodoo, wigs, pipes, Weimar memorabilia, pictures of former dictators (especially mobutu).

Shelving for some stuff….

4. Will have a fire action plan from liasing with fire brigade. Licence application is in, we are awaiting the decision.

ACTION: Robin will call Jim Bissett to check on the status of our application.

5. Night managers need to be briefed about fire stuff, how to deal with
badness and the vol. manual. The procedure for appointing new NMs is to be nominated by a KM and then approved by the KM. Maybe its more like a role than a position, to reflect that people come and go.

6. IVS 24th July- 6th August. 2 weeks. 6 volunteers. One American. One Pole. One Italian. One Brit. One Sri Lankan. And One South Korean. They come here. They do stuff. They paint the place. They build a stage. This has been done in conjunction with IVS. They are a charity. They promote international volunteering. Maybe they’ll stay on for August.

Accommodation: Unresolved.

We could, in theory do this all the time. We could.


Do we want to be a charity?

They check these days. They do audits.
Are we a charity?
We would fit into the Education/Community Projects category.


Do we have the people who are willing to take on the responsibilities?

We would need three specified board members. Who wants to do it?

Maybe we should re-evaluate this in September. We should wait to see if we can actually run a decent space during the festival.

end transmission