MEADOWS FEST! Line-Ups and After Parties!

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MEADOWS FEST! Line-Ups and After Parties!

Postby Jane » Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:10 pm

2 days of dancing, sunshine, music, DJs, wonderment, real ale, second hand tat stores, dalmatians and fun.


SAT 5th

12.30 - The Forest Choir

1.15 - William Douglas and the House of La
Punk Gospel with a twist of Rock 'n' Roll splendour!

2.15 - Lipsync for a Lullaby
Classical harmony slo-core with cello aka "Edinburgh's answer to Sigur Ros"

3.20 - Austen George and the Set Up
"Music born out of Edinburgh's Bohemian and dreamy past" with delicious bluesy pop-rock and lush three part harmonies

4.30 - Earl Grey and the Loose Leaves
Glorious guttaral stomp blues for guaranteed dancing and whisky drinkin.

With DJs Jiggery Fuckery:

Jimmy Bastard (Punk funk and sewer music)
Show & Tell (Buggered pop and no-hit wonders)



After a day of fine drinking on the meadows and glorious music, we're all going to carry on at The Roxy with yet more delicious sounds. And liquor.

Lipsync for a Lullaby
Classical harmony slo-core with cello. "Edinburgh's answer to Sigur Ros"

Decadent ukulele punk from YouTube's favourite children.

Gorgeous acoustic complex folk. '...vibrant...luscious...cosmic...' Q

£3//8pm - 1am//full licensed bar for boozin in//DJs


SUN 6th

12.30 - Hailey Beavis and Friends
Absurdly talentsome angelic folk, possibly with added double bass and duelling banjo. If yer lucky.

1.15 - Billy Liar
Peroxide punk troubadour hot from his recent New-Zealand wide tour.

2.15 - Chief Redbeard, Boorbolito and White Lightning Dog
Daft-folk and rootsy blues from the latest project of Ruby and the Emerald's frontman

3.20 - Super Adventure Club
A hyper melodic uber-spazz triumvirate playing "strung-out post-hardcore, psychedelic guitar noodling and beefed up bass grooves". They. Are. Amazing.

4.30 - Black Diamond Express
Legendary 8-piece blues fiends soaked in poetry, myth and bourbon

With DJs Le Vangelis et Popscure//Popscure and Le Vangelis
Pysch out fuzz, space disco, whacked out movie muzak, synth-pop and lots of noise inbetween.

Holy sweet jesus. This is going to be all kinds of fun.

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