Festival programme

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Festival programme

Postby Catalina » Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:12 pm

Mon 9th – Hard Rock Monday – band at 9 and then DJs
Tue 10th – nothing yet
Wed 11th – 78s, Danny Mullins (9ish), Zoomerians, Iona Marshall
Thu 12th – FF till 11 and then Dan Seizure/ downstairs: Balkanarama (8pm)
Fri 13th – FF then Sink at 12/ downstairs Jiggery Fuckery and Dead on the Live Wire at 11pm and another band and maybe some acoustic set before
Sat 14th – X party. Line-up: downstairs 8pm Torn strings, 9/10pm withces’ brew, 11pm talkamac, 12 maybe myrtle tyrtle, bristol brunch + DJ/ upstairs 8pm humphrey, the hemullen, fueldiva, pigeon foetus, silk, snake rider etc.
Sun 15th – Humelele African music by Shane 8pm
Mon 16th – Click clack club?
Tue 17th – FF til 10 then ceilidh. Mark?/ downstais Zorras 8pm + DJ
Wed 18th – FF till 10 then drama drama/ downstairs 78s then golden hour at 8pm
Thu 19th – FF till 10 then something/ downstairs Turning plates. Need more bands
Fri 20th – FF til 10 and then The Graveyard Train upstairs or downstairs. Need bands!
Sat 21st – FF closing party/ downstairs Ultrachip at 7pm
Sun 22nd – Ultrachip upstairs midday/ downstairs acoustic folk 8pm
Mon 23rd – upstairs Noe games day until 6pm and then at 8pm Andy Brown Sarah and The Snakes, The Leg and The pineapple chunks/ downstairs New Urban Frontier at 8pm
Tue 24th – upstairs Skin for Sale 8-9pm, Foxgang / downstairs Outbox midnight, The Irresistible Urges 10, Collar Up 9pm, Mobius Loop 11
Wed 25th – humelele upstairs/ dead on the live wire curate both 8pm
Thu 26th – plastick fork downstairs / bowery vs od upstairs both start 8pm
Fri 27th – upstairs save the clocktower/ downstairs ten tracks
Sat 28th – The hapenning
Sun 29th – drama drama drama downstairs
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Re: Festival programme

Postby Catalina » Tue Aug 10, 2010 2:49 pm


Mon 16th - downstairs: 8.30-11pm Click Clack Club
Tue 17th - upstairs: 11pm-3am Ceilidh Carnage confirmed!
Fri 20th - upstairs/ downstairs? Scott Nicol 8pm

and maybe more to come...

Catalina xx
'it's not a lie if you believe it' - George Costanza

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