Committee meeting 24/09/06

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Committee meeting 24/09/06

Post by Georgina » Mon Oct 09, 2006 9:47 pm

Present: Swithun, Neil, Laura, Jo, Mikey, Magda, Daniel, Georgina and Robin
Apologies: Nick, Ryan, Shannon. For homework reasons…

1. Pricing on security cameras
2. Rota
3. KM pay
4. pay annuale people
5. Carol
6.Bosnain project cleanup stuff
7. Mikey and future mikey
8.IFS youth project
9. the book project

1.People are stealing stuff and fucking stuff up. Some arsehole nicked stuf from the gallery. Wireless cameras would cost us £22 (£8 of this being postage). They would go in the gallery and would record straight into the office computer. Data would be turned over automatically every two days. Doesn’t have to be wireless…
Now, Do we want cameras? do we want them visible, invisible? Put sign up explaining that there’s a camera in the gallery cause stuff got nicked? Might put people off stealing shit all over the café. And will make people more aware and vigilant. Could make the camera into a chicken, or pink and furry, or put bunny ears on it to make it look less accusing.
And the police will love us
Swithun will get more technical data and post on the bb
And will bring it up with the rest of the committeee on the bb (cause it’s a bit of a big issue)

2.People don’t stick to their shifts. Stay on longer making other volunteers feel not needed. KMs/NMs be more vigilant. Grab your volunteers make sure people who want to work get to work. And if someone wants to stay on have them do something else, outside the kitchen.

3. KM pay. £5.5, 5.75, 6? Should be above minimum wage either way.
£5.35 is legal minimum wage. So £5.5 for KMs?

4. Robin gave Jo 100£ to pay the Annuale for having our name in their book and stuff. Still owe them £100.
Some other tk stuff was discussed as well. Website stuff.

5. Carol wants to talk to ~Neil about what rent we’re paying for what part of the building. She needs copies of contracts. Dan dealt with this stuff and will hopefully know the score-Dan?

6. 150£ Mastering costs are needed by Mikey for the Bosnia project. Plus ~900£ to print cds (6 page inlay).

7. Mikey’s wondering what the future holds in store for the grants position. He will help in the turnover period. We need a panel to choose new grants person. Mikey will make a poster and post advert on speaks/café lists with job description attatched. Sooner rather than later is best, even though it’s not of imminent importance.

8. Intenational Federation of Settlements (of which EUS is part) is having a big youth gathering here in November and some workshops in gallery and upstairs and other places. Jo, Miroslav, Dan, Mikey will be involved in workshops. It’s a sort of political and arts workshop/networking.65 young people (aged 16-25) from across Europe. Will be fundraising events.

9.Mikey’s last project was the forest scrap book grant application. Which in fact is no longer a forest scrap book but rather a Forest produced scrapbook for local artists. His name is on the application form so if we get the money Mikey will be running it. Mikey will thus be the mediator between the two realms.

10.A firesafety meeting is in line. Maybe at next vollie meeting. We will be visited on a regular basis cause we’ve got shared fire exits so really everyone should know the basics. KMs should definitely be informed and volunteers as much as possible. KMs and NMs familiarize yourselves with firestuff

there was no more business