exotic food

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exotic food

Postby beev » Sat Sep 11, 2004 1:45 pm

This guy was researching a book about food. He wanted to gather together the most exotic recipes from all over the world. In India, he heard about a strange man who lived in the mountains and who knew how to make the most incredible tasting food. Everybody said the man's speciality dish, called "poi", was by far the most exotic thing they had ever encountered. Intrigued, the writer set off to find this mysterious culinary expert.

After a long, arduous journey, he finally arrived at the designated cave. When he came upon the man he was looking for, the writer was overcome with joy and reverence. He could hardly contain himself: "Please," he said to the man, "show me this wonderful dish of yours, this poi. Let me taste it."

"Certainly," said the man. "Would you like steak and kidney poi or chicken and mushroom poi?"

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