mission statement

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mission statement

Postby ravanwin » Sun Dec 03, 2006 6:56 pm

Events Mission Statement: (add, delete, argue, agree as necessary)

To facilitate and encourage local and international musicians, artists, filmmakers, and wackos to reach an audience without any commercial pressures and without the gross comodification of the art itself.

<that's the one line one: the long bit follows>

We endevor to make The Forest Events space as "user friendly" and accesible as possible. Further, we view experimentation, collaboration and failure as vital to artistic vibrancy and therefore we welcome the edgy, independent and unsellable with open arms. So creative people may concentrate on what matters we will endevor to assist with art promotion, stage management, sound engineering and technical help whenever feasable.

We also wish to expand the network of Forest Artists by reaching out to new and interesting people all over the world with a mind to curating more "homegrown" events which meet our ideals.

People should join us if: they are interested in events managing, promotion, sound engineering, techinal duties, or if they are interested in helping create new and amazing events which the world will drool at!

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Postby chris » Mon Dec 04, 2006 1:23 pm

how about this:?

To ensure forest is a space where constantly interesting and exciting events are taking place, and there is an audience for them.

This means having the facilities for the events. And promoting them well.

other things that should be woven in, or maybe put in the responsibilities list:

all events will be free, to see or do.

to be easily accessible and bookable for people putting on events.

to provide good and easliy useable facilities.

To link up with other cool organizations (cultural centres etc.) around the world and get some kind of underground tour circuit happening.

To promote our events programme through:

monthly posters events posters
newspaper/magazine listings
chalk board
our websites and internet lists
mail outs.
cia nights.
distribution of posters and flyers.

To especially allow people to take risks in their events.

to provide some budget to pay expenses or cover costs, where neccessary.

to create a database of acts and contact details, so its easier to put on great nights.

to organize the volunteer parties.

forest should aim to be more proactive in organizing nights, and should actively seek out exciting events of all types.
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Postby ravanwin » Mon Dec 04, 2006 1:51 pm

i do not disagree with the rewrites.

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