meeting minutes of fringe fest feb. 20

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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meeting minutes of fringe fest feb. 20

Post by ravanwin » Thu Mar 22, 2007 7:50 pm

Meeting minutes:

can we have me, james, salma (not registered yet), debie (not registered yet) and the committee a special section for us to discuss fringe stuff without the gaze of the public. also, we should make a Fringe Public one as well, maybe. Or maybe just make this public. Discuss and do please.

1) the past
2) how much to charge
3) how to publisze? (law?)
4) what can we provide / getters?
5) How many people should we allow / workshop / what is the ethos

In attendance: Ryan, Debbie, Dai, Salma, James

Might be nice to INVITE some and CHARGE some. Get high profile acts in. It’s all about the publicity. It’s all about exposure and giving artists the chance to be SEEN instead of making loads of money.

There are some people who would probably be into doing things not for money.
£150 for an hour would not be over charging even IF we did not

probably would want to run only a couple of weeks of theatre not necessarily the whole week. We would want to do as much publicity as possible but individuals would have to do their own publicity.

Money money money: can we get a licensce? Probably.
Action: ryan will talk to chris and get a report.

High profile people: Debbie knows a lot of folks and will talk to them.
Ryan knows a few people and will talk to them.

First couple of weeks could have workshops and odd things like…. Site specific art, promandae stuff. Site specific is hot.

Action: james to hype it up at the visual arts meeting.

3) law?
Action: james will double check the law?

4) what can we provide?

Lights, sound, darkness, chairs, stage blocks (if needed?) and lighting board.

Action: salma to look into basic lighting rig.
Action: Debbie to chat with james to talke re: teckie stuff.

6) ethos?

We want to support people and provide a space free / cheap. But we also want to keep the bar high in terms of quality. There are ways to do both (i.e. workshops, open mic events, and scratch events, etc. to keep the space edgy and interesting and to support lesser known / less professional artists.) We want to be pressure free for most acts and give people a chance to experiment.

In terms of the fringe: not into fringe, not into fringe number or the catalogue.

This means we need to get some hype.

Action: ryan to draft a letter to publications regarding contests etc….

Next meeting and every meeting second to last thursday: 7pm

James called the council and they were pretty clear that anytime there is a thearte perfomance (regardless of charging etc) you need an events licensce.

anyone able to verify / dispute this?

he also said that april 1 the rates go up so we might want to apply soon?

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