Fringe Festival Meeting Minutes: 22 March 2007

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Fringe Festival Meeting Minutes: 22 March 2007

Post by ravanwin » Thu Mar 22, 2007 7:46 pm

Why I am here.
Deal with performers?
Getting more people
A logical plan of action.
Visual Arts
- Building

In attendance: Gavin, Salma, James, Ryan, Bill

Action Reprimand: Ryan Didn't do his last month's task. He will draft a promo letter SOON and will talk to people.
Gavin Knows a Russian lady who is having a baby. Maya.
Action: Gavin will keep us up to date.


Still in agreement to offer a FREE venue which offers no Charges for audience or Performers. Of course, if performers want to sell stuff that is okay. (Maybe donations?)
ACTION: Ryan to start debate with the Forest?

Ryan has been sending proposeals to debbie? We might want to formalize all of this? We need guidelines on the internet that clearly states what we offer and how we expect to be proposed to (one bended knee)
Action: James will draft this letter.


More folk needed at these meetings:
Action: James to do more posters. Gavin will mention. Ryan will remind people on the bb the week before.


Logical Plan of Action:

Getting Performers
ACTION: ALL to start the hype-wagon. Talk to the people we know and tell them what we want to do. RYAN: Kay and SubVERSE?
ACTION: MEDIA. Ryan to write some blah.
LICENSCES: What do we need to do? QUESTION for the Forest: Should we contact the council peoples and ask them to come and give suggestions of what the health and safety people will want? How do we get this license? Is it needed? Please advice ASAP?

sound (rent bills? Cheap?)
BUILD a Corridor (compartment).
Smoke Detectors
Black out the space
Stage? Or Stage Blocks?
Dressing area.
More Mics and leads?

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Draft letter about the group

Post by James » Wed Apr 11, 2007 10:43 pm

What do you all think of this? I know various theatre groups I can start pushing it out to when I get back from holiday this weekend ...

So, how’s your goth fetish production of “The Twelveth Night” coming along? Well, save it, it’s already been done. But maybe you have a better idea for a fringe show? A woman and her subconscious having a discussion in the bath? Also been done. Calling a member of the audience onto stage and giving him a lap dance? Got to be a best seller, surely? Also already been done, sorry. Although it did sell pretty well, apparently. Blimey, this is hard. Keep thinking thought.

Because when you have an idea, you may want to hear about the Forest Café in Bristo Place. This august we will be running a theatre venue for the first time ever, right in the middle of the party atmosphere of the old town. We hope to have about 60 seats, basic staging, lighting and a pa for you to work your magic with. Most of the shows will be free to both performers and audience (Of course if you want to sell t-shirts, cds or lap dances, feel free) and the plays could be a one-off thing or a long run.

At this point, you may be picking up some strange vibes. This probably isn’t the usual hard sell you’re used to getting from venues. Well, you’re right. The forest is a volunteer run venue and things are a little less concrete than you might be used to. The staff will usually arrive with strange hair, hopefully their own. And who owns these two cats?

But we’re hoping this appeals to you. After all, you’ve already missed the official fringe deadline. Maybe you have something a little more fun, a little more experimental. Or maybe you just want to be involved in the fringe without having to re-mortgage your mum. The Forest may not be rigorous, but it is one huge ball of amorphous energy, and things crackle round here. If there were cats, they would most decidedly be crackleing to.

So if you have a proposal for a play you want to put on, send it in to us. Tell us about yourself, your script and how you are going to make it a success. The volunteers who run the venue will be getting together and picking plays based on what we think looks cool and what will fit into our space well. If you want to visit the café one of us could even meet you and tell you more about the place.

Or alternatively, maybe the whole idea really appeals … do you want to get involved in running the venue? Like everything at the forest, this is volunteer run and we really need more people involved. Come along to meetings in The Forest Café (19th April, 24th May, 7pm), meet Ryan, who likes to wear ties, James, who doesn’t, and others such as Salma and Debbie, whose positions on ties are unclear. If you can’t make it, email and say hi.

Fun theatre, amorphous balls and crackling cats in ties giving lap-dances. It’ll be great!

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