Volunteer Manual Revised!!! Ceck it out...

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Volunteer Manual Revised!!! Ceck it out...

Postby lucky » Wed May 09, 2007 8:44 pm

Here is a revised version of the vollie manual. What's good, what needs changing etc.

The document proper is in 'Red Alex' folder on the right hand Ubuntu computer.



Volunteer Manual May 2007
[forest, 3 bristo place, edinburgh. Eh1 1ey. 0131 220 4538]

working in the kitchen:
be nice!
have fun!
clean things!
pretend you're making food for your lover!
if you're not sure how to make food, there are instructions above food prep area
there is also a manual in the kitchen with more detail
don't be afraid to get your friends to work with you, make it more fun, particularly on nights

be hygienic!
wash your hands with soap when you enter the kitchen, after using the toilet and any other time you touch yourself, after smoking and so on
don't put things on the floor unless they live on the floor
don't put floor things on the counter

free stuff:
you get free drinks when you are working...but please don't take cans unless it is hot and you are very sweaty
if you work 4 hours or more you can get a free big meal! if you work a couple of hours you can get a wee thing

volunteer discount:
if you worked in the past week or if you are working in the next week, you get a discount:1/3 food and 1/2 off drinks

use the computer (i-mac) to play tunes
only play music on the computer;please don't play your own cds unless they are from artists who don't have a record deal
we support independent music, not corporate stuff!

making things nice:
things are nice when they are nice
make them nice, and the nice people will come
clean, tidy, arrange furniture etc.

people doing events can use the pa, decks, projector, video, dvd, etc
they should be able to figure out how the things work
give them free drinks

close the shutters if there is a loud event
no noise after 11pm
if there is a film or other quiet event, try to grind some coffee before it starts

we don't sell alcohol, but people can bring their own
they have to pay corkage, prices on menu
tape their bottle if they pay
don't give out corkscrews
people doing events don't have to pay corkage, but their friends do
spirits are not allowed
to drink alcohol, customers have to be over 18 years old. If you're not sure, ask for I.D.

the building is completely non-smoking. it is actually illegal
illegal drugs are not allowed in our space. if you suspect someone is using drugs, tell a manager or a committee member

there is always a Kitchen Manager or Night manager on. let them know if anything concerns you
in emergencies call the cops (662 5000)
our address is 3 bristo place
our phone number is 220 4538
you can also dial 999

you are important and amazing!
we are ecstatic you have decided to volunteer for us
you are more than important, you are fundamental to the existence of this space
if you're running late, call us and let us know (0131 220 4538)
if you have to change a shift, give us 24hrs notice

other stuff
wow! the forest is massive. not only is it the joy before your eyes, but it is full of platinum cogs and golden nuggets (as in good things, not reconstituted 'chicken' balls). have a look at the WORKING GROUPS board, see what's happening. sign up at the BULLETIN BOARD on the forest website (http://www.theforest.org.uk/bb) and keep up to date with what's happening. Check the forest website to see how it all started, latest events listings, and a whole load more.

remember to have fun and don't let anybody put you down – you are magic because you work for free!


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Postby bill » Thu May 10, 2007 12:15 pm

awesome.....can we say anything about making salsa isn't the only way to get involved....like have a speil about wg on there? just so the word spreads?

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Postby lucky » Thu May 10, 2007 3:12 pm

I lost enthusiasm as i got to the end, so I only mentioned working groups briefly but should do in more detail. How about having it's own thing...

working groups
the forest isn't just a cafe, you know. where do you think all the fancy pants things came from? who do you tink makes sure the bills are paid? who do you think runs evens? all things are attended to by volunteers, organised into working groups. you can get involved in anything, just go along to meetings and have you say. meeting times are posted on the online and forest gold room bullitien boards. check it out!

Something like this. Make it better.


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Postby Shannon » Thu May 10, 2007 9:11 pm

I thought this would be more inclusive? Or, are we trying to keep it short? What about a new menu-booklet thing? Would that be separate?

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Postby lucky » Fri May 11, 2007 12:54 pm

Are you getting confused with the tabletops? We agreed at the vollie meeting anyone could make those, and place them around the cafe.

This is just the one side of A4 to give to volunteers when they come in for their first shift. Basic info, but also making people aware that there's more to the place.



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Postby lucky » Mon May 14, 2007 6:29 pm

New manuals printed out, in 'staff manual' drawer enderneath the counter. Please take one if you're a volunteer. Please give them to volunteers if you are a KM.

Cheers, Alex*

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