Committee meeting, Sunday 10/09/06

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Committee meeting, Sunday 10/09/06

Post by Georgina » Mon Oct 09, 2006 9:41 pm

Present: Swithun, Shannon, Laura, Jo, Ryan, Martin, Nail, Gareeth, Ryan, Georgina

1. Dan’s tent
For those of you who don’t know, Dan had a huge tent to sell the forest. Would be great for outdoor parties etc but we decided not to go for it given forests past with storing big cool things and losing parts to them thus rendering them unusable big things sitting somewhere taking up space. Don’t want to have things just on off-chance that we might one day use them

2. Firestuff
we need to get keys for the firealarm.
Action: chris get on it. Also, Chris needs to share all his knowledge, whatever that may be, of fire things with KMs

3. Ryan
is starting school so, will do 2 days/week in the kitchen hopefully(probably Tuesday and Thursday) and will no longer be managing events. Pete Wylde is stepping in for that one-welcome our new events manager
Also Ryan will no longer be able to stand in for doubleshifts so sign up people

4. Mikey
his grants position is ending at the end of the month(for those who dont know, the grant position involves getting people to fund projects) at which point he will be calling it a day. The committee agreed that the position is important and would like to find a new Mikey. Jo might be interested-will maybe give it a go, unpaid for a while and see if it works out. If so she may be willing to do it for a lesser salary. Will aim to be accessible to more projects from without the forest.Gareth might also be up for it.

5. Leftover booze.
Some of it can be returned(and will be, in exchange for credit rather than cash), some of it cannot. Could try and sell this to vollies, or IUS who are organizing a ceilidh upstairs. We’re keeping the wine.

6. Finance update
We’re good, covering our bills.

7. Broken things.
Always an abundance of those at the forest café. Our current handyman is martin. A handyman webgroup was suggested to help keep on top of things…Anyway, here’s a couple of broken things which were discussed:
Water tap: for the love of god, somebody fix it.
Stage: Must be consistently kept tidy and organised. Perhaps an extra duty for the events manager? Pete, what do you say? The student sound engineers will be back by the way. that is good.

8. What now?
• The beginning of another year for the forest….
• Sound and lighting can be improved. Is it worth it to finish the soundproofing of the shutters? If someone really smart can think of some way to air condition that would be great.
• The Mural. it looks great! But maybe lose the faces. Or add more faces. The faces don’t make the big bad committee look any less bent of world domination. Or maybe have people donate photos for the ever expanding forest monster?
• The gallery windows are broken, albeit well disguised. But must be fixed
• Publishing?
• CIA nights 100th issue party. hiphip-
• Compost. get it going again? It does require a lot of responsibility to avoid the clouds of flies. Also, the neighbours need to be consulted with..
• Toilets can do with a revamp. Jo doesn’t have a vision, but would like to fix em up. Maybe nice proper graffity, really cool stuff, stencils. Sasha’s name came up

9. The big bad committee
Usual start-of-year reevaluation. What should the committee be doing? I t does take care of the very tedious stuff, I mean really, why would anyone want in on that? Nevertheless there’s the usual issue of it being cliquey, exclusive, unaccessible…
What impression of forest do newbies get? We should grab people rather than wait for them to get involved. And with our sparkly new vollie rep (see below) we will have more volunteer meetings/parties(First one being at the end of October).
At any rate we need:
• vollie coordinator-Laura has already taken it on
• computers person
• environment person
• Library-Gareth offered to give it a go
• Front of House-Shannon perhaps?
• Forest arts
• Grants
• Bikes?
Either way there will be a reshuffling of the committee list in due time.

and There was no more business